God's going to give us a good grilling

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  • be wise
    be wise

    I hadly ever see my nephew because he lives abroad. I just love him, he's such a smart kid. Hopefully smart enought to come to his senses as regards this JW organisation. The thing is his parents [my brother's his dad] are JW's. He sometimes comes out with stuff, like the other day he just said 'Jehovah is going to kill all the bad people at amageddon with fire'. I worry for him, but I think he's too smart for them, I'm sure he will eventually come to his senses.

    What's the best way to respond to stuff like that, especially from a very young child because I'm not out to damage the kid even more. I just said in passing 'So God's going to give bad people a good grilling then', and his face changed from a brainwashed dogmatic look to a thought provoking look, cos' I took the disassociation and unbalance out of it. Help me on this one I really do have hope for him cos I see he's a lot more balanced than your average JW kid.

  • anti-absolutist

    Be Wise,

    I think your approach was good. Even though we don't realize it when we are young, negative thoughts are what we hate!!!! Positive thoughts are what we love!!! When we are in a JW family, as a young person, we don't realize the negative effect on us, since it is not contrasting to anything else. The org. makes certain that there is no comparison!!!!

    Don't make any drastic attempts to save your nephew, but continue with POSITIVE, KIND encouragement. I'm not big on a god figure myself, but believe very strongly that TRUE, GENUINE GOOD DEEDS are rewarded, and I'm certain yours will be.


  • Gopher


    That was very quick thinking on your part, coming up with such an EFFECTIVE response. You took the JW absolute statement he made and rephrased it starting with "So....." to give him a fresh perspective on the subject. Great stuff!

    Keep doing that. If you can't think of any way to rephrase a JW expression you hear from the boy, you could offer this comment, "some people feel that way, others don't. I'm sure there are good reasons for either belief. I guess we'll find out someday who is right."

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    If I heard that come out out my nephew, I'd visit my brother and give him a very major grilling.

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