Dutch assembly hall dedicated today...

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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Anyone visited Swifterbant or the video stream at the local KH?

    Any high- or lowlights?

    Asked my InWife if the new hall is nice (I know it's not). She didn't know as apparently they didn't show any good pictures in the video stream...

  • darkspilver
  • Gorbatchov

    Hi Anders,

    I attended the semi live streaming at the local kingdom hall. Not the dedication at Saturday but the Sunday session. Also with David Splane.

    I have to say, he did a nice job. Not the "theology" man from Broadcasting. He was quit, humble and made uplifting comments.

    It was a long time ago Gorby went home from a Kingdom Hall with some biblical points to think about.

    And that's not bad at all, for a christian, isn't it?

    They told the minimalistic design of the new hall will be the new standard worldwide.


  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    Yes, I saw the streaming on Sunday. I thought David Splanes talk was not that bad indeed. I especially liked the quote he made (someone said that to him) : "The truth is the truth, no matter who tells it." Yes sir. Even if so-called apostates tell the truth, it is still truth, right?!

    The hall itself was not really shown in the streaming. Not much to see there, I guess.

    It's very simple. They said that's the new style for all Assemblyhalls to be built, and it is because the money is gone can go to countries where there's greater need of kingdom halls.... right.

    There are wooden chairs , more like benches (5 seats on one set of legs (?) don't know how to say this in English) - and also for the special assembly days NO opportunity to bring your own chair! For the regional conventions you CAN bring your own chair, but there is not a lot of space for them, and there will be NO 'chair' cards given in advance any more, so I suppose if you need a special chair, you have to fight for a spot.

    I always need a special chair, so I think that means no more assembly days for me then.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Thanks for the info guys :-)

    @DarkSpilver, you were right ;-)

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    They should nickname the new assembly hall the "Dutch Oven".

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