march contact?

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  • kilroy2

    what is all this i hear about the march contact by elders, Is it for memorial? I have had no contact attempts that i know of. the last time an elder came by it was zac gardner and he was alone. just the old we miss you so much crap. zac is a nice guy, a yut yut yow kind of guy. I asked some very hard questions about 607 bce. and if christ had picked c.t. russell in 1914 why did he have to punish them in 1919 and let them be imprisioned to purifie them ect. zac went out the door very confused. my grandfather [bill clegg] told me zac's dad who is norm gardner and Mr. bigshot elder. you know the type that hangs off the podiem like a telaevanglist. any way he was none to happy with me and wanted to come talk with me. and bring another elder. well i knew what they were up to, thay wanted me to say the same things in front of two witnesses, I politly declined and said i was not intrested, and that was the last time they tried to talk to me. so what do you think about the no march visit. are they afraid to rumble or should I be looking for a bushwack?

  • garybuss

    Hi, There was an order by the Publishing Corporation for elders to contact inactive members in Jan-March.

    This is the way it looks to me: The Watch Tower Publishing Corporation wants the local elders to increase the numbers of active recruiters and fund-raisers. The headquarters sees good potential in past active members. Hey, they worked for free for us before, maybe they will again.

    The elders do not like being told to do something they do not like to do and they do not like contacting past active members. Just look at our history. Many of us were never contacted at all ever. Many more like me, were only contacted after years of no contact. In my case it took them 9 years.

    The reason for this avoidance or delay is the elders do not like contacting us.

    They like pomp and prestige and respect and we tend to disrespect them and many of us treat them with contempt. They like meek, controllable people, and we tend to be unafraid of them and confrontational. Plus, they like to always win, and they often can not win with us and they leave us with less of an ego and many times their own faith is shook by our facts.

    On some level they fear many of us. They are not as informed about their own Publishing Corporation as we are, because they are forbidden to look into the information we have looked at. They are not prepared to answer simple questions because an honest answer by them would serve as a condemnation of the nature and behaviors of their Publishing Corporation. Their own faith is fragile and they are aware of this on some level. Many of us are a threat to that fragile faith.

    Now they are being ordered by The Watch Tower Publishing Corporation, their boss, to contact us and they don't like it and they are thinking: If we have to contact these people who we do not like to contact, we will follow another Publishing Corporation directions and we will turn these contacts into confrontations and either quickly re-activate these people or we will dispense with them by disfellowshipping or disassociation. Therefore, either way they go, we will not have to contact them next time the Corporation orders us to contact inactive ones, because now they are now either active workers or officially disfellowshipped, and are under a whole different set of guidelines for elder contact.

    Can any comment on this thread?

  • Haereticus

    In my case it took 25 years and it was the very same person that ousted me.


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