The "Influence" of Dub-Dom

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    May you all have peace!

    In another thread, the question was asked as to why some need to say "good-bye" so dramatically, and a couple of responses indicated the influence of being a J-Dub: not being able to DF others and so DA'ing oneself; having the justify our consciences, etc.

    There is something else that comes to mind, however, that we cannot blame on the WTBTS, and it is one the many "tools" the Borg used to gain us when it did: our inherent "need"... to be right! We, as a species (and, forgive me, but particularly Americans), for SOME reason NEED... to be "right": our way is the right way, therefore it is the only way - is the only way, therefore it is the right way. And if we are right, then, of course, others are wrong. It's Pharisaic.

    What is this, this need to be right? It is pride, dear ones. Not the type of pride that instills in us a sense of esteem, that says we, as individuals, are worthy of one another, but the pride that "goes before a fall" - that which says we are BETTER than others. And there is no truth in such pride.

    Dear ones, I have been taught by my Lord and thus have learned this:

    He that wishes to be GREATER, must be the LEAST among you.

    What does that mean? It means that rather than looking down upon others and considering them inferior to us by means of their conduct, their thoughts, their outlook, their beliefs, etc., we should set the EXAMPLE of superiority... by being the SERVANT... of all. True, in this world, that seems almost impossible: the tendency of earthling man is to want to be SERVED, rather than serve; to be GREATER, rather than lesser.

    But what many... and I am speaking to those to profess to be "christian" as well as those who may profess (to themselves, at least) to be superior... seem to miss... is that it WAS One who made himself a servant... of even HIS servants... who washed the feet of those who SHOULD have kissed his... that was "exalted to the right hand of God." It was the One who emptied himself out and TOOK A SLAVE'S FORM... that became second only to God. Just as Joseph was made second to Pharaoh... Daniel to Nebuchanezzar... Nehemiah, Jeremiah, and others.

    It is the "nature" of us, earthling man, to seek the "higher" seat, rather than the "lowly" one; yet, more often than not, those of us who do are eventually asked to remove ourselves and take the lowly seat, to our own great embarrassment and chagrin. And it will be such in the kingdom of God: he that is last... will be made first.

    I am aware that there are those here who will not see the point of these words: they live in the here and now... THIS world... and so wish to and will receive their rewards IN this world. To them, anything less is considered weak and despicable. And in this world, it is: very weak, for there are always those seeking more power, by means of overpowering those less aggressive than they. In theory, there is nothing "wrong" with that, wanting to be strong so as not to be overpowered; it too brings rewards... now, in this world.

    Not concerning oneself with being overpowered now, however, brings rewards later, in the kingdom of God. The choice is ours, both given us by God and Christ. Some, perhaps for lack of patience (and I think all will agree that patience is a "good" thing, whether your hope of reward is for now... or later)... perhaps for desires that exist now... choose now. And they are entitled. Is later "better"? For some us, yes, it is. We don't care for what this world has to offer as its rewards. For some, however, now is the time: the rewards of this day are sufficient for them. Who, then, are we to condemn them?

    But it is up to each of us to CHOOSE in which "time" we wish to receive our rewards - choose... and live with YOUR choice, not concerning yourself with the choice of others. If YOU choose now, then do not condemn those who choose later; if YOU choose later, then do not condemn those who choose now.

    The ONLY people in this world who are worthy of condemnation, and then, only at the direction of the Word of God (Revelation 19:13)... are those who "shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men," for such ones are not going in, and even consort to preventing who wish to from going in... AND those who commit blasphemy, who contribute to holy spirit what is NOT by means of that spirit, and/or deny what IS done by means of that spirit, either directly... or by giving the "glory" to demons. By means of their actions, however, neither need condemnation from any of earthling man; indeed, they need no condemnation by God or Christ. For they condemn... themselves: by means of THEIR hypocrisy and blasphemy.

    The point of all of this is that when it comes to being "right"... or rather, who is "wrong"... rather than worry about the next guy and what he may be doing, thinking, saying "wrong," as regards his beliefs (excluding those who KNOWINGLY use such to mislead others... and more often than not, by means of falsely invoking the "will" God and/or Christ) , we should all be worrying only about ourselves... and those entrusted to us, our children. Are YOU doing what is "right", and if so, by means of what "law"? That given you by man, which says you must be "better" than your fellow man, even if such "better" is an illusion created by false prophets, false christs, the media and your own false sense of what it means to BE "right"... or that which was given by God, through Christ, to love your neighbor (and, therefore, your enemy)... as yourself?

    I leave it to you who have ears... to hear. And for those who have such ears and who are wishing and thirsting, I say to you, by means of the spirit of my Father, the Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is JAH... of Armies... holy spirit... by means of His Son and Christ, my Lord and Master, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH...

    "Come! Take 'life's water'... free!"

    For by means of it, by means of such "water"... YOU can receive "eyesalve" such that gives sight to the blind, that grants light to illuminate who and what YOU are... so that you can remove any "rafter" that may be obscuring your "sight"... before trying to remove the "straw" from the eyes of others.

    Again, I bid you the greatest of peace!

    A slave of Christ,


  • JamesThomas

    Hello SJ, Nice to see you, well, um, read you. Hope you are well. JamesT

  • outoftheorg

    Interesting SJ.

    I wonder why, down through the milleniums of recorded history, none of the leaders of the various religions have ever practiced this? Even though they preach it and require it of their subjects.

    Could it be, that this teaching is a very effective way of controlling the masses??

    In the here and now?? As they concentrate on another time period, the future, after they are dead and gone??



    Hey AGuest,nice post..So many thump a bible only to lord over those who don`t meet their expectations.Even worse they don`t live up to their own expectations of others..Anything I`ve ever seen from you has been with kindness and insight..I`m not a Christian myself,but I do have respect for how you conduct yourself and treat others..The "Better than everyone else Christians" would do well to learn from your example..Nice to have you back home AGuest.....OUTLAW

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