all you going to heaven

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  • petespal2002

    I am fascinated to know who left the WTBTS simply because they felt they possessed the heavenly calling? When and how did you feel the upward call, and how has it affected your life?

  • Fruitcake

    It is commonly understood that you have to be an elder or on the Governing Body to have the heavenly calling. You have to be a super intelligent white male (preferably) with decades of service under your belt. The call ended in 1935. If you were chosen later, than you had to replace someone.

    A sweet little sister living in a trailor park is a NO NO. A young Russian or African in the newly converted areas is a NO NO. ANYONE younger than 45 and is not high up on the rank and file, is a NO NO. Ever used drugs or been mentally hospitalized? forget it! March 15? 2003 issue.

    I couldnt stand the I AM RIGHTEOUS < YOU ARE PIDDLY, drivel of the WT.

    God chooses the humble at heart, the loving at heart, and those poor in spirit to represent him.

    I just opened up my Bible and read Jehovah calling those who love with their heart ALL humankind to his Grace and mercy. whether in heaven or earth.

    The Watchtower society is Whitewashed graves who will pay dearly for their selfish, evil slave tendancies.

    All who are in the calling now are led out, into a wilderness, knowing that Jesus is the "way and the truth and the life"

    The way I can read the Bible and understand prophecy, how it relates to the Watchtower, (present day pharisees) and read about the future , is mostly how I feel the spiritual anointing that teaches me, apart from the WT

    Email me at [email protected] if you wanna talk, I dont want to explain too much here right now.

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