Suggestions on critique/review are on website?

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  • SheilaM

    Ok I thought I was done picking your brains for help on the novel but I want to add a critique/review area to the webpage. I want to post all reviews no matter what source the webmaster needs a layout any ideas? I think adding the criques from the readers is important to me I respect someone's opinion that reads that genre much more than critiques.

    Also we were thinking about changing the banner to read: Thunder Rider's Burden (then when it changes instead of a novel by Christopher Madonia it will read)

    A people in need of a hero. A man in need of idenity. Culminating in one hell of a ride!

    Also, any of you that liked the excerpt or the novel if you can get me the number for you local library I can call them also the number to the bookstores in your area, generally on self-published works if you request a copy of the novel they will order them.

    Anyone wishing to do this the ISBN 1-55395-692-3

    any suggestions appreciated

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