Barking --- It's Free Speech

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    ATHENS, Ohio (Court TV) — You have the right to bark back at a police dog.

    That is what an Ohio appeals court ruled last week in the case of Jeremy Gilchrist, who was charged with violating a state law that prohibits taunting or tormenting a police dog.

    The appeals court said a lower court judge was right to dismiss charges against Gilchrist, who barked back at a dog named Pepsie. The trial judge ruled that the law violates free speech rights.

    Gilchrist had encountered the dog, which was in a police cruiser, as he walked along a street with friends.

    His attorney said he was trying to be funny when he barked back.

    "The mere fact that the police dog had commenced the barking did not entitle it to a solo performance," attorney Patrick McGee wrote in the appeal.

    Officer Krishea Osborne testified that Gilchrist's barking made the dog "work himself up into a frenzy.

    In dismissing the charges, Athens County Municipal Judge Douglas Bennett cited the free speech argument and also ruled Gilchrist wasn't a threat to the animal or public safety because he was 30 feet away from the cruiser

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    More Stupid Crimes

    Burglar takes nap at crime scene

    FT. WORTH, Texas — An alleged burglar was arrested after falling asleep on the job.

    Police charged Joseph Carl Jones Jr. with burglary and theft of a firearm after an employee of the A Little Bit Country western emporium store arrived on the morning of Feb. 7 and found the store in disarray. She checked upstairs to make sure everything was secure and found Jones asleep in a bed.

    The employee also noticed someone had used the store's toilet without flushing and left a handgun on the bathroom counter.

    Police arrived and arrested Jones, who appeared unhappy to be roused. He was disoriented and said he was sleeping and wanted to be left alone, said Lt. Mike McAllister of the Mineral Wells Police Department.

    Authorities say Jones stole the gun from a vehicle a few blocks away and suspect he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Jones bad luck didn't end there. He later learned that the store he was accused of robbing belonged to the wife of the local district attorney. A court date has yet to be set.

    Nachos have extra kick

    BOULDER CREEK, Calif. — The nachos served at a local restaurant had more than tamales to spice them up.

    Two waiters were arrested Feb. 6 and charged with dealing drugs out of a Mexican restaurant. Police uncovered an operation in which customers looking for drugs would sit in a specific section of the restaurant and order chicken nachos.

    A Santa Cruz sheriff's department spokesman said the two waiters would take the order and then pick up the money that was placed inside a napkin on the table. Marijuana was then wrapped in the napkin and returned to the customers. Cocaine was delivered in tea bags.

    Gabriel Mendez, 36, and Magdaleno Mendez, 32, were arrested after the sheriff's office received an anonymous tip. They are due back in court Feb. 27.

    Bank robbery suspect makes a slow getaway

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A suspected bank robber was arrested after he tried to make his getaway on a slow-moving city bus.

    Police say Jonathan Mathis, 29, approached a teller at a SunTrust bank branch at about 10 a.m. on Feb. 10, said he had a gun and demanded money. The teller handed the man an undetermined amount of cash.

    The man fled on foot and was arrested a short while later on a city bus. Police suspected the robber might use a bus because it was the same escape method used in a prior hold up.

    Detectives are looking at two similar robberies from January.

    Mathis, who has a lengthy arrest record, which includes robberies and other felonies, is being held at the Duval County jail. No further court dates have been set.

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    These are funny Sally!

    The man fled on foot and was arrested a short while later on a city bus. Police suspected the robber might use a bus because it was the same escape method used in a prior hold up.

    Maybe he robbed the bank because he needed exact change!


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