Funny screenshot from MINI website

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  • Jourles

    A couple days ago, I was browsing the Mini website checking out the new Cooper S. Today, I woke up the computer I was using to view their website and noticed that I didn't close out my browser session. At first glance, I thought my wife sent a netbios message telling me to get off the computer(she thinks she is so cool now that I showed her how to do that). But then I read on further and saw that it came from Mini. Here is the actual screenshot:

    Thought you UK'ers would get a kick out of it. Imagine a tall yank like me looking at a little European car like that.

  • Vivamus

    Awww, thats cute!

    Now, uhm, Jourles, could you tell me how to send one of those as well?

  • mattnoel

    UK here !

    There was a program over here about the mini arriving in the US. I thought it was amazing, strange to see it in america but not only that, it looked soooooooo small on the road. I could just imagine you happily going along the highway minding your own business and a truck would just go over the top of you, he probably wouldnt even notice that he had done it either.

  • gsx1138

    I'm seriously thinking about buying one of these cars. Not only are they cool but they get really good gas mileage. I'm torn, however, between the maroon/white top or the green/white top.

  • qwerty


    You will have to get your order in now...........there is a waiting list! So I was told.


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