Our Whole Family Left the Watchtower

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  • Tower Man
    Tower Man

    Hi Everyone,

    I have 2 new audios on my site that you can listen to. One is from the Mullins family who all left the borg together. The daughter shares a nailbiting testimony of how her JW husband cheated on her, abused her and then abused her daughter and threatened to kill them. Most of this happened while he remained in good standing at the Hall. (Sound familiar?)

    The 2nd one is a fired up testimony from Traci Sonney. She went from the Kingdom Hall to skid row and mental institutions, but finally found forgiveness and a new beginning.

    I promise you'll like them. Money back guarantee! Here's the link: http://www.towertotruth.net/audio.htm

    Tower Man

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    tower man i love your audio page and mac gragers audio's . btw that is better news than the raise i got at work today. keep up the good work....... john

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