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  • nonjwspouse

    I did a quick search on this topic here and didn't come up with anything. Though it is probably here.

    If anyone has the chance to watch this A&E documentary series on Scientology hosted by Leah Remini It is VERY VERY good. The parallels are just to obvious to ignore! I have had luck in getting my husband to take in a few of them. He has watched through it but occasionally gets up to do something.( I sense it hits way to close to home and he has a "flee" moment.) I pause it ( it's on demand when I watch with him) then we watch the rest. I am very careful to focus on Scientology only, and my fascination with this science fiction writer turned religious leader's hold it has on famous people.

    it. is. amazing, and if she has Any desire to help the JW next, ( I feel she just might) I hope those with the qualifications to educate her would be doing their best to contact her with the details.

    So much of what is said could just be replaced with JW and Watchtower! ( Though some is over the top for the JW, it is not out of the question as a future type option).

    This weeks focus on the videos was down right eerie.

  • bsmart

    There is a thread about her and the show. I don't have A&E but my sister has fixated on it. A lot of the same situations as the witnesses. She has been telling me that they are worse in a lot of ways.

  • nonjwspouse

    oh yes bsmart, it's like the WTBTS on steroids. But in my outside looking in opinion, I don't think it impossible for the WTBTS to follow some of the same type control techniques at some point. The WTBTS is losing control, fast.

    Some similarities are too obvious for my husband to even think to ignore. I see the highly uncomfortable look on his face through some of it. I do not talk about the JW, only Scientolotgy. ( Learned my lesson the hard way!)

  • NikL
  • undercover

    I saw part of an episode for the first time the other night. If a JW were to stumble upon this episode just as I had, they would not make an immediate correlation. This particular episode went into some really wacko stuff that would make the WTS leadership jealous. An everyday JW would even scream, 'CULT' (not realizing of course they're in a more benign version of a similar deal)

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    NONJWSPOUSE said, "I did a quick search on this topic here and didn't come up with anything..."

    Did you take the time to press "enter" after you entered your search terms?

    Here's a bit of what I just got:

    One useful tip to doing searches is to START with the least number of search terms; notice I used only "Remini", not "LEAH REMINI AND MIKE RINDER EXPOSE THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY."

    Here is what a bad search gets you:

    If using ONE WORD results in too many hits, add additional search terms one at a time...

  • nonjwspouse

    Nathan, I try to use as little as possible, but I did use her full name, and Scientology. Plus, I was told earlier to use in the search term as well to get posts from here. I have always had trouble searching just this site.

  • LongHairGal


    I have watched several episodes of this series with Leah Remini. Like you, I agree that the similarities to the Witness religion cannot be ignored.

    Long may it run and I hope they show it over and over because I want Witnesses to wake up. The JWs are like the pot calling the kettle black.

    I have a JW friend who wanted to read Leah's book but instead watched a few episodes on TV.... All of a sudden, this JW doesn't want the book and is suddenly "not interested". I suspect my friend saw the similarities to the Witness religion and it distressed them! Curious.

    I cannot see how anybody who was ever associated with the Witness religion cannot be disturbed by the similarities.

  • millie210


    I wonder if one of the reasons your friend backed off is because it did remind her too much of the Witnesses?

    The similarities are just amazing.

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