The Watchtower Letters, part 11 - Oral Sex!

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    I figured that would get your attention.

    But, yes, that's the topic in this final entry in the Watchtower Letters series. And, yeah, I was sort of saving it for last.

    The year was 1979. My (now ex-)wife and I had just moved back to her old congregation, when the controversy arose. About a year earlier, the WT had relaxed its previous hard-line stand on oral sex between married couples. However, the elders in this congregation just hadn't bought it. Oral sex wasn't a matter of conscience, they said. It was still 100% wrong, but the elders just weren't being held responsible for policing such matters anymore. I disagreed. I had been a ministerial servant in my old congregation, thus brought with me a small amount of stature. Besides, they had to make a decision about re-appointing me as an MS in their congregation. They couldn't just tell me to shut up, so they told me to write to the Society. So, I did. The result is what you see here.

    While this controversy was raging, I felt shabbily treated by the elders. On one occasion, when I was scheduled to say the prayer at the beginning of the meeting, an elder came up and asked me if I was "clean" enough to represent the congregation before Jehovah. I told him that my conscience was completely clear. He said OK, and I asked the prayer. In later times, such a question would have been enough to get me to walk out of the Kingdom Hall, but not yet at that point.

    The outcome of it all was that I felt so disgusted by the attitudes of the elders in this congregation that I told them I was not willing to serve as a ministerial servant there. I never held an appointed position in the organization again.

    I find it interesting that this letter seems to say that oral sex between married persons would be acceptable as foreplay. This seems contrary to other statements made by the WTS, specifically in a letter reproduced on page 51 of the 4th edition of Crisis of Conscience, by Raymond Franz. That letter, written in 1976, states, "If any of you brothers as elders have been advising individuals that oral sex would be permissible as foreplay prior to having actual sex relations, then such advice was not correct." Apparently, this was part of the change made in the teaching in 1978, but that part of the change was never mentioned in the publications.

    Anyway, here you go. Enjoy:

  • NeonMadman
    I married in 1978 and I remember this being a highly "whispered about" topic.

    I married for the first time in 1978, too, but, as you see, the topic was more than "whispered about" in my area. It became a real tempest in a teapot.

    The 2-15-78 WT had reversed the prior teaching that married couples who practiced oral sex should be disfellowshipped, but it was worded vaguely enough that there was still a lot of controversy on the topic. Eventually, in 1983, the Society confused matters even further by backpedaling on the 1978 article, and instituting the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that still exists today. As far as I understand the current policy, oral sex between married persons is strictly a matter for personal conscience, as long as no one else in the congregation finds out that you're doing it.

  • sandy

    LOL @ Sphere you are funny.

    I don't understand why it is okay for a man to kiss and suck on a women's breasts but it is not okay for a women to kiss and suck on a penis. LOL Both body parts are sticking out.

  • Mac
    I think a male nipple according to the bible is forbidden territory, and I bet the society will back me up.

    Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!


  • gitasatsangha

    "Yeah and look unto thine own breasticles. They are a mystery I am withholding until the seven angels unseal the seven things. She shall not find delight in thy manboobs. And if your right nipple is stumbling you, you should tear it off. Yes even if your left nipple causes you to stumble, you should tear it off, achieving chasteness as have the men of the congregation of Kendollopolis." -1st Pelliponisians 3:12

  • xjw_b12

    ROFLMAO at gita.

    cmon gita, I was expecting you to share an oral sex story, while under the afghan !

  • gitasatsangha

    Afghans were not permitted to have oral sex under the Taliban. Under the new government it is a don't ask don't tell matter. See? There you go. Some things are starkly similar.

  • sf

    In mid '77 I was just about to turn eighteen in age. That school year I started a secret relationship with a boy not too much older than I, who was also a worldly friend of mine's boyfriend who started turning to me for an 'ear' to hear his complaints about her. Of course I listened to him and agreed with him because it seemed if I did, he would turn his attentions to me. And that is just what he did.

    I fell for him, hard. I was niave, yet his attention to me felt like nothing I'd felt before. Remember, I was born with a 'birth defect' so this was stunning to me; his attention. Of course, today I'm well 'masoned' against 'those types' now and am well Aware! of what's coming into my space and territory.

    Also at this time, I stopped meetings and was hanging with all types of worldly kids and clearly doing what it took to get disfellowshipped. That I KNEW I wanted. Yet had no real comprehension of what the ramifications were and were to be forevermore.

    Well, it happened, one night, while mom went to the meeting with some of my sibs (can't recall if my brother was in or out then) his trailer in the back of his parents house. We engaged in oral sex. Actually, I was the one who did the engaging. He tried to have intercourse, and I was seemingly ready, yet 'he' was too large. So oral sex is what took place.

    I was scared because inside I knew that this one act; not drugs or booze or alcohol, but this one 'immoral act' would clinch my disfellowshipment. Yet I was also making love. It was a moment I'll cherish always...that, when I got home and mom was there first!!, she somehow just knew something went on at his camper. That night sealed my fate.

    Going to movies; getting drunk and in the backseat with a guy. Parties on the beach commensed until I was actually, finally 'kicked out' of my home, my town and my mom's life.

    Today, oral sex brings back those fond memories of what he and I shared so many years ago and also brings back that terrible night in the kitchen, when my fate was sealed (see...she turned me in after i told her what we actually did...the elder at the time was the one who sat on the jc committee meeting of my, my sister and brothers disfellowshipments...then two years after he dfed me...SHE MARRIED HIM!).

    Not to mention the fact that my father molested me at a very young age upon my visiting him (in a camper) after I was finally released from the hospital after months of surgery and physical therapy.

    So you see, dicks in my life represent much ambivalence. I can't live with them, I can't live without Them!



  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Ok, I told this joke before but for those who never heard it, here goes, This girl asked her boyfriend to "kiss her where it smells, so, he took her to the dump!"

    Guest 77

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