Am I being too cynical?

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  • azaria

    My parents are being much friendlier in the last couple of weeks. I was always the one that called and visited them. In the seven months that my daughter and I have been in this apartment (I left my husband) they only came once. I think they were in the city anyway because they came unannounced. She called on my birthday April 2 (she told me a couple of weeks earlier that I was actually born April 1) and even my father talked to me. Then yesterday she said that they wanted to take me out for dinner. Something tells me that this isn’t really coming from them. Is the congregation being told to be specially nice to family members that aren’t witnesses? Have to go to work now. Will get back tonight. By the way the weather is pretty bad. Southern Ontario was hit with freezing rain last night and all the schools etc are closed. Everyone have a great day!

  • anti-absolutist

    If you are df'd then I would say that it is not coming from the cong. If you aren't I have no idea.

    By the way, I live in London, Ont. and yeah, freezing rain has been unreal.


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