Lets discuss the MOST IMPORTANT issue today

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  • searchfothetruth

    Of course there are many important issues facing the world today but the most important, obviously, is:

    Who is the greatest football team of all time. Of course it's LIVERPOOL Football Club, but i'm sure I may be called an idiot or worse. (Which is usually what happens to me on this site.)

    Just to put you in the picture:

    Liverpool Honours:

    League Champions ( 18 times )

    European Cup Winners (4 Times) 1976-77 1977-78 1980-81 1983-84

    UEFA Cup Winners (3 Times) 1972-73 1975-76 2000-01

    European Super Cup ( twice) 1977 2001

    Super Cup (once) 1985-86

    FA Cup winners ( 6 times) 1964-65 1973-74 1985-86 1988-89 1991-92 2000-01

    League Cup winners (7 times) 1980-81 1981-82 1982-83 1983-84 1994-95 2000-01 2002-03

    If anyone wants to pay homage to the greatest football team in history please do. If you think your team comes close to comparison lets see your evidence. We'll let our American cousins decide. Even Man Utd supporters can reply if you read the above.

  • Valis
    (Which is usually what happens to me on this site.)

    *LOL* What do you expect from a bunch of drunken football fans? *LOL* I like watching the World Cup on the Spanich channel.....The old guy always yells GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!


    District Overbeer

  • Simon
    Even Man Utd supporters can reply if you read the above

    Well, most Man Utd supporters:

    1. can't use a computer
    2. cant read

    ... so they may have a job

  • searchfothetruth

    That's what I was insinuating! Thats why I kept the words short and simple.

  • Duncan

    Okay Search,

    Liverpool might well have done/won all that stuff, but WHAT team is it who:

    ONCE finished runners-up in the old First Division

    ONCE were runners-up in the FA Cup, but didn't actually play very well.

    SCORED the record lowest-ever number of points in the Premiership, the year they were relegated

    I think those achievements simply HAVE to be taken seriously.

    they also gave the world Football's all-time greatest ever strip (the red and yellow one, sadly not much used this season), AND..

    The greatest goal ever scored by England (v Brazil in ? 1984 by Barnes) was scored by a then-Watford player... AND..

    Watford's Chairman (honorary, these days) has sold more records than ANY OTHER PREMIERSHIP CHAIRMAN. er PUT TOGETHER!!

    I now - in You Know-esque fashion (everyone remember him?) - declare myself to be the winner of this debate, and exit the arena with a smug self-satisfied air.


  • czarofmischief

    I hereby declare that Sheffield Wednesday is the best football team ever.

    Because of their name.

    CZAR of the American who once lived in Sheffield Class

  • Duncan

    ....AND they went and scored 7 (SEVEN!) today!

  • ISP

    er.....4-0 was the score!


  • Irreverent

    I thought the best football team in history was the Green Bay Packers!

  • searchfothetruth

    No we are talking about REAL football, not egg chasing. (although I love American football too...49ers)

    As we all saw yesterday, the referees at 'the theatre of screams' do everything they can to let the mancs win.

    Yesterday in the Charlton v Leeds game, 2 penalties were given, with the perpetrator of the fowl not even being given a yellow card. Sammy Hyypia was sent off in less than 4 minutes of a game that Man Ure had to win. Coincidence...I think NOT.

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