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  • prologos

    lights really spoil the view of the night sky's splendor. There is something awe inspiring when ~2 million year old photons excite your optic nerves directly, unaided. perhaps even foul-mouthed anti-creationists could be moved to contemplative silence, a sign of [temporary] wisdom. and looking forward to the brightening up of the neighbourhood under the cloudy December night, and perhaps the neighbours will respect witnesses dark yards, mistaken them for closed jihadists.

  • punkofnice

    Hello Drudge. Good to meet you.

    Do the JWs have 'new light(tm)'?

    I'll be your Unky Punky for the duration. I am a Brit so might use expressions that seem odd from time to time.

    That's me. How about you?

  • Zoos
    Lights make Jehovah sad.

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