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  • onacruse

    Over 1955 folks in 337 cities around the world are using MeetUp (Katie and I are in Portland):

    1. New York, NY (65 members)
    2. London, England (58)
    3. Boston, MA (44)
    4. Toronto, ON (35)
    5. LA-Santa Monica, CA (32)
    6. Portland, OR (32)
    7. Atlanta, GA (31)
    8. Detroit, MI (31)
    9. Tampa, FL (30)
    10. Washington, DC (30)

    If you're wondering how to meet others in your area, you might like to check it out:

    And guess what? Not a lot of anti-JW-I-hate-the-org conversation. Common roots, yes, but mostly just a chance to meet cool peeps locally and develop/add to a new social network.


  • benext

    Craig here in NYC there may be 65 registered but rarely more than 6 attend. Then the Biblethumpers take over. Sadly some who came for the social aspects have not returned.


    I have signed up for the Meet-up, but so far, it looks like it will be cancelled, as you have to have 5 people confirmed. I think we've only got 3.

    Oh well... - we'll see what happens.

    Yeah, biblethumpers - nothing can ruin a party/gathering better than they can.

  • gitasatsangha

    Its a great idea. I'm signed up but waiting to see if we have enough for a meet. so far we haven't

  • outnfree

    Might I suggest that those of you who have joined the MeetUp lists also advertise the event here on this board, and other ex-JW boards, giving out your e-mail address so as to make plans "back channel"?

    There are several people in the Detroit area who are still a bit paranoid about making known that they attend such gatherings, and so they confirm attendance privately. Sometimes, MeetUps officially cancelled by the MeetUp site are not actually cancelled at all !!! Also, we have found that combining our group with groups from other nearby cities makes for a more interesting time. We have had as few as 4 and as many as 15.

    To those who haven't attended a MeetUp -- hurry and sign up. There's one in a city near you very SOON!


  • onacruse

    We've had a couple that were under the 4 RSVPs; like outnfree, we all went anyway. Last couple of times we've had about 10...and definitely no biblethumpers.

    Oh, and I do leave my WT CD at home



    Define "Bible Thumpers"...Do you mean there are people there who wanna in "convert the masses"??? Haven't we all had enough of that yet??? Sheeeesh!!!


  • Swan

    Last night's Meetup was so fun! I avoided going for several months because of the winter weather. We have about 50 miles to travel. Being it was now spring I thought it would be nice to go again. Pouring down RAIN! Rain, rain, and more RAIN!

    But at long last I finally got to meet Katie (Bikerchic a.k.a Mrs. Onacruse). She is from the desert SW and not quite used to all of this RAIN! I told her that she was going to appreciate our summer then. It's beautiful here in the summer. She should really enjoy that week.

    It was really fun. I got to meet several new faces and some were from here. I think we had 9. Is that right Onacruse? I got to talking so much I forgot to take pictures!

    Someone (am I allowed to say who?) even passed out some "Bible thumper" literature. Actually, they were a collection of funny cartoons, but Onacruse couldn't resist the "Bible thumper" literature jibe.

    If you can possibly do this in your area, I highly recommend it.


  • onacruse

    Swan. Yep, 9 of us...and I'm gonna scan those cartoons that newboy brought and try to post some (if I can ever figure out how to do that LOL). Gives a new meaning to "thumping." hehe

    Next month, make sure y'all don't take my advice about where to sit...right under that loudspeaker was a bit much.

    Craig (of the "ears still ringing" class)

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    Darn! Sounds like I missed a good one. I had other responsabilities to attend to. I always have a good time when I go, and I have met quite a few special people. I hope not to miss too many.

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