Stealing is OK IF.........................

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  • Beans

    So my brother in law (JW) has a satelite and he recently got the card that gives you all the channels without paying, so he was telling me this and said that he keeps the basic package and he dosen't feel so bad!

    Yes only stealing a little must be OK now and if you are paying a bit for some of the service your consceince wont be bothered and you get all the porn a JW needs to survive without having the embarassment of anyone from the congregation seeing you rent a restricted movie!

    This is so funny I couldnt even say anything mang!


  • dottie


    I have one too...and apostates need all the free porn they can get too you know!

    I knew a couple of jw's back in Ontario when I lived there that had the free satellite too..damn hypocrites the whole lot!

    Dottie...of the Get it While It's Free Class

  • Jourles

    What's even better, and something that a lot of Canadians do not realize, is that if you live near the US border but actually live in Canada, you can get the satellite equipment, decoder card, AND legally use it. The FCC laws only govern those in the USA, not Canada. So in effect, you are not stealing from a US satellite company. Because companies such as DirecTV do not sell their services in Canada, any RF propagating from their satellites into Canada is considered to be in the public domain and can be freely decoded and used however you want to.

    Check this out.

  • Simon

    I like the Simpsons episode where Ned Flanders throws the cable guy out because he offered to hook him up to free cable and Homer ends up throwing himself in front of his truck to stop him. He reads a leaflet "So, you've decided to steal cable" fullof reasons that justify it, LOL

    JWs are hypocrites: My brother-in-law (now an elder, an MS at the time) was fiddling his tax - if you bought anything or paid for a parking ticket he wanted the receipt to claim as a business expense.

    I guess they just copy their corporate masters.

  • Phil

    Here's one.

    I work for an engineering company where the OT performed by the employees is with the "honesty" policy. The amount of hours on the time card is left to the employee.

    There was a need to do a lot of OT on a project so that I had to go to work on saturday with some fellow working stiffs. There was a JW in the group that spent all his overtime time in the womens john. At the end of the morning he would pack his things and go home. How honest was that. By the way, this was an engineering office that required the engineers and draftsmen to work OT, the ladies were the secretaries only. As there were no women there during the OT, this character took to hiding in the womens john.


    Stealing is OK,when you cook the books at tax time..I`ve seen"Good Dubs" live their whole lives like this...OUTLAW

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