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    I E MAILED BILL O REILLY ABOUT JWS BEING ANTI AMERICAN!!!! So yeah, I e-mailed him on a whim that he might listen to me about how anti-american the whole JW org. is. ^_^ They're anti-everything, but whatever. ^_^ hee hee YOU GUYS SHOULD E MAIL HIM TOO!!! The more attention the subject gets, the better chances we have of getting them exposed!! GO TO


    ^______________________________^ C'mon, let's get a message out!

  • proplog2

    This is the sort of thing that accomplishes absolutely nothing. The JW stand on war is very appealing to the anti-war people. The main thrust of JW effort is in third world countries where anti-americanism is a plus.

    Bill Bowen had his day or two in the spot-light. 99% of the tv viewers don't know who Bill Bowen is. In fact 99.9% of JW's probably never heard of Bill Bowen. So forget about negative publicity having any effect on JW's. They seem to thrive on bad publicity and seem to create most of it.

  • sf


    EXCLUSIVE: Bill O'Reilly To Run For Office in 2004?
    by Victor Thorn

    NOTE: This article was originally published in Babel Magazine (http://www.babelmagazine.com)

    Does Bill O’Reilly, outspoken commentator on the Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor” intend to run for public office in 2004? According to syndicated radio talk show host Mike Gallagher, the answer is yes.

    When asked if he was concerned about O’Reilly having the biggest roll-out in radio history, Gallagher stated in an e-mail, “The word on O’Reilly is that he’s doing this [radio] for 2 years and he’s out. Then he runs for office.”

    In this same e-mail, Gallagher also took a swipe at the venerable king of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, by declaring, “O’Reilly is hoping to get about one-fourth of the audience of that “bush-leaguer” Rush.”

    To view a scanned copy of Mike Gallagher’s original e-mail to Victor Thorn at Babel Magazine, click onto:


    With the above information in mind, the five biggest questions at this point are:

    1) What specific office does Bill O’Reilly have his eye on – Governor, Congress, or the Presidency?
    2) When will O’Reilly officially declare his candidacy and throw his hat into the ring?
    3) Will he run as a Republican, Independent, or attempt to create an entirely new party?
    4) Will O’Reilly continue to do his TV show, or will he resign from Fox News and devote himself full-time to his campaign?
    5) Finally, what inside sources was Mike Gallagher referring to when he revealed this information?

    Hopefully some answers will be forthcoming from O’Reilly, Gallagher, Fox News and the Salem Radio Network. We’ll keep you updated.

    *** Victor Thorn can be reached at: [email protected]

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