The Rules of engagement, and pilots on drugs

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  • Zep

    The US likes to say it is doing all it can to limit civilian casualties. Well heres an interesting fact. Australia, who is also fighting the war in Iraq, has tougher ROA's than the US. We are prohibited from using land mines (we actually bothered to sign the treaty to ban these nasty little things), and more to the point, we are banned from using using such things as cluster bombs. Why? because of the risk to civilian life.

    Cluster bombs, just out of interest, are little bomblets that are spread over a wide area and have a 10% failure ratio, effectively turning these things into land mines.

    Another little fact. Apparently US pilots are allowed to use speed. There was an incident in Afghanistan where a US pilot blew up a bunch of Canadian troops. The last I heard, there is a court case brought by the Candanians against the US. The Canadians are blaming the use of speed on the pilots snap judgment to blow up the Candian troops. The US denies the use of speed had anything to do with it. Well, as some-one who has tried speed a few times, I somehow doubt the US claim.

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