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    As a Libra, Injustice just gets on my nerves. Do you? have you seen? breaking news? old? new?

    After 14 Years Behind Bars, Learning To Be Free Men

    (New York-WABC, May 23, 2001) _ Freedom is something many of us take for granted, but for two Brooklyn men who spent 14 years behind bars for a murder they did not commit freedom is no luxury. The two were cleared just last week. Sarah Wallace first broke this extraordinary story more than a year ago, she now brings us an exclusive follow up

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    Man Convicted Of Murder Is Released Following Priest's Disclosure

    (New York-WABC, July 24, 2001) After 13 years in prison for murder, a Bronx man is set free, released after a priest testifies that another man 'confessed' to the killing. It began when a priest made a difficult decision, revealing the confession of a murderer. That man has since died, and now the priest has come forward leading to the release of a man who served 13 years in prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. Sarah Wallace reports from Lower Manhattan with details.

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