NO,i do not want to Study!

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  • Shytears

    I really Hate this, everytime i get in trouble or do sumthing that "worries" my parents,They shove the bible up in my face,then we have to have a family study,blehh Do they really and truly think that i even care to do that???i mean i dont even pay attention half the time..i dont even get most they stuff it says..or i guess i just tune it out..I mean if the would truly try to help me they would take inconsideration the fact that i need some space,which most likey they dont,anywhoo,just wanting to write sumthing,bye bye, LAURA

  • Dawn

    Hi Shytears:

    My parents did the same thing to me when I was growing up. I hated it. Now that I am a parent I realize that it was an instinctive reaction for them. They were worried about me and didn't know how to deal with it so they instinctively reach for the studies - somehow they think that if you are at the meetings enough or study enough it'll sink in.

    I have found that raising my kids has, on some levels, been more challenging for me since I do not have that "organizational thinking" to fall back on. There is no "one fix fits all problems" answer for me. My husband and I have to really dig to get to the root of the problem at hand, determine among many possibilities what actions would help my children get back on track, and then follow through with that action.

    One one hand it is harder to raise children without all the answers - but the end result has been a wonderfully bright and well equiped young man.

    I know - I'm rambling - sorry. I guess I just wanted to say that although the studies are irritating - just keep in mind that they are doing it because they love you and want to make things better - and they have not learned how to be an "independent thinker" so they fall back on the solution that is given to them from the society.

  • Carmel

    Hi Laura! Sorry your're feeling the "love of Jesus". I remember coming to breakfast one saturday am as a 13 yr old with the article on masturbation open in front of my plate. Acting cool and casual I ate around it until my mother insisted I read it outloud. Dam, that was embarassing! Sure cured me!

    Mr. hairy

  • Jesika


    I know how you feel hon! (My father was an elder and my grandfather was the PO in my cong)

    All I can say is stay strong and this too shall pass. Just think, you are almost old enough to make your own decisions!!

    Know that we are all here for you, and if you ever need to write anything!!! we are here to listen!!!

    Love ya,


  • ballistic

    Shy, I might be a bloke and old, but just don't reject everything they say, ok! I bet they really do love you and want the best for you. Try to take a step back, humour people if necessary, take it in, take your time, make your own decision, there is no rush.

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