Kudos to Farkel!

by Stephanus 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stephanus

    Have just listened to the Danse Macabre - brilliant interpretation! You may recall me mentioning that tune in my musical oppression thread:


    Playing it was one way I could thumb my nose at the house establishment.

    My hat's off to the Farkmeister for so successfully capturing the essence of one of my favourite classical pieces!

    Also, the Peanuts theme deserves special mention - Peanuts was one of the few things that the guys at the "guys' house" could watch/read without suspicion and/or harrassment. Once again, Farkel has captured the feel of this rather difficult piece - full marks!

    Now, could you manage Saint Saens' Organ Symphony...? Pretty Please??

  • Celia

    You said it Stephanus I listen to Danse Macabre and Korean Song almost every time i sit down at the computer.

    Farkel has a way of playing that is very sensual, moving and sexy. . . but maybe it is just me

  • wasasister
  • wasasister
  • wasasister

    Had to add my praise. I am so glad you finally got this up where we could listen to it. Your hard work over these past months really shows. It gives me a fresh appreciation for a piece I had only glanced at before. Now you've got me into the composer's other works, especially Carnival of the Animals. "The Aquarium" is hauntingly beautiful.

    Thanks again!

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