Hodgkins Lymphoma Returns

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  • azor

    My sister was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma earlier this year. We thought treatment worked as she finished her chemo treatment a month ago. I just got a call from her that she has lumps on her legs and she has been extraordinarily tired. It's likely back.

    I tried asking her to research the blood issue and not just her normal resources. She then told me a few minutes later that a sister in her hall has a list of doctors that respect the jws stand on blood.

    I'm at a loss. She has and continues to go through so much. Her 2 youngest have autism. The youngest will always need care.

    I want to help her but my hands are tied because of her ties to this cult. She is 13 years my senior and was like a mom to me. The rest of my siblings are very in this cult. 2 are elders, and the youngest is a ms with a son at bethel.

    I am open to suggestions.

  • LisaRose

    There is only so much you can do in light of the situation. You can get her alone and make sure that she knows you will support her no matter what she decides. You could tell her that blood, is a SYMBOL of life and so cannot be more important than an ACTUAL life, and that her children need her, but after that you have to let it go, to attempt to force anything will likely backfire, it's a cult after all.

    Sometimes peace comes with accepting the limitations of a situation and knowing you did all that you could.

  • JeffT

    I'm sorry to hear this, at least part of the problem is so unnecessary.

    What is the Watchtower's current position on stem cells? There are some options involving high dose chemo and stem cell transplants. But I don't know if that's also forbidden.

    If you want more information, I have some resources I can send you.

  • azor
    That would be great Jeff. Thank you.
  • Bloody Hotdogs!
    Bloody Hotdogs!

    Hi Azor,

    I just went through stage IV Hodgkin Lymphoma. Obviously, I don't know if this is the case with your sister, but I still have many symptoms even though I have been repeatedly scanned and I am cancer free.

    Also, it's not particularity common for blood to be an issue with Hodgkins... I had to take white-cell boosters by injection, but never any blood transfusions or blood products. So, hopefully blood will not be an issue?


  • azor

    Bloody hotdogs thank you. It helps put my mind somewhat at ease. Im a little on edge with things like this since my son was diagnosed with leukemia.

    It feels like every time I get a call from someone it's bad news.

  • honest

    Tell her that many jehovah's witnesses that are alive today who have had blood cancers and such are lying and have lied to their families and friends and have taken blood transfusions ;-)

    Stemcells are allowed as a jehovah's witness but blood transfusions are a must when going through the mass chemo annihilation of her cancerous blood which needs to be done prior to stem cells being transplanted.

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