Can you wait a day or two?

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  • Valis

    I know I started a naughty war thread and several other war threads, but seeing as no one is getting the exact info simmultaneously, could it be possible that you could wait and get the most info possible before posting about war stuff, maybe even more than one opinion? We all have access to the news one way or another and I think a lot of the posts are merely being used to promote one agenda or another, or give someone a chance to vent more about the way they feel, but if you go back and look what most try to do about other subjects you might see it's different. If we go after JWland most try to get as much info as possible before posting lest its anecdotal. I don't think any of us here have any anecdotal evidence about the war as we are not there, nor do we have the same info all the time. Just a thought.

    reporting from the front line..

    District Overbeer

  • dottie

    I agree totally thing to add that bothers me is when some get only part of a story...or one of those "this just in" reports and they don't have all the details yet and then the rumour mill starts...very sad...quite alot like the WTS hmm?

    Dottie...of the Just the Facts Please Class

  • Simon

    Yes, we could have had 9 topics about the capture of Um Quassar (sorry, couldn't resist)

    I think you're right. I heard the news about the shooting of the family at the checkpoint last night (at least 24 hours ago) and only in the last few hours has someone posted to it. I think it's best to wait because if nothing else, it gives people chance to hear a few accounts and get a better idea of any report.

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