How Should One Spend This Life?

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  • Undecided

    HI All,

    Since we may only have this life to use, what would be the best way to spend our time here?

    When you are young you usually think of only the moment and how to enjoy it. When you get older you begin to think of a family and how to care for them.

    It is a very hard thing to balance your life to make sure you enjoy it along the way but not neglect your future when you get old and arn't able to provide financially for your self by working.

    Can we sucessfully plan our life or do we just take what we get? Is there an answer that fits most lives or do we individually have to develope our own way to deal with it according to our own genetic make up and circumstances?

    How do you learn to accept calamity and deal with it, or is it determined by your personality and experiences you have dealt with during your life?

    Life is too darn complicated or is this what makes it so interesting?

    Is it worth the effort since it is wasted in death for us all?

    Am I wasting my time thinking about it so much lately?

    Ken P.

  • Robdar

    Is it worth the effort since it is wasted in death for us all?


    Sure, we are all going to die. But I don't see why that should prevent us from doing what we can to enjoy life while we are alive. If anything, the reality of death should incite us to want to live our lives as best as we can. We can sit around and wait for death or we can dance until that moment arrives. If we live our lives the way that we want to, in spite of the one reality, then we will not fear that one reality so much when it arrives.

    I am of the opinion that how we view our own mortality is the final piece in our personality. Some realize that this short life is all that we will get, so they decide it is every man for himself. Others realize the same truth and decide to live their life in a humanitarian way; offering comfort and aide to others. There are any number of scenarios that a person can play out in order to deal with their impending demise. It all comes down to individual personalities.

    Am I wasting my time thinking about it so much lately?

    No, not at all. IMO, in order to enjoy life, we have to deal with death. The reality of death makes every moment of life sweeter, in a way. This is one of the problems with JW's. They really think that they might not ever have to die. Have you ever met a JW who is actually able to deal with life? Life isn't sweet to a JW. They are terrified of death and so they choose not to savor life.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    To the best of our ability, whatever our situation.

    I'd say as we age, or so in my case, it's a normal thinking process...sorting through our life. The only real truth I'm aware of is that no one gets out of here alive; so why not live life as the grand adventure it is. Relish the opportunity to see our grandchildren growing up, teach them how to think and question everything - and acknowledge that it's ok to change our minds along the way.

    What Robdar mentioned about jw's is soooo true. Couple weeks ago when I spoke with my fence riding jw sister she said, "It's not the getting old I object to, it's dying." okey dokey.

    I've been so blessed to be the one my elderly (df) aunt discusses her soon-to-be demise with. We have found so much humor; even with that. We need to look FEAR straight in the eye, and move on. All the things we might experience today is a freedom. Freedom to think, ponder, question, and perhaps just accept there are no immediate answers.

    BTW, Undecided, isn't your grand daughter, Emily? Have you posted any pics lately?

    take care,


  • Undecided

    Hi Robdar and Granny,

    Your comments were what I think also. We shouldn't take life so serious that we don't enjoy the trip. My dad enjoyed every day he lived, even though he was a JW. We were allowed to enjoy our youth also, contrary to what the JW children are allowed to do today.

    That is why I left the JWs , it had taken over my life to the extent that I didn't have a life of my own. I decided that I had rather have a few years to enjoy myself than to do all the things I was required to do as the PO, even though I still believed the doctrines. I didn't really see the "truth" untill I discovered H2O and then I was free from the mental as well as the physical holds the Borg. had on me.

    I have been thinking too much lately, trying to figure out God and his way of dealing with mankind, or even if there is an active God somewhere. Sometimes on a beautiful day I will thank him in my mind for life and the wonderful good times I've had. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, I have one paternal daughter, and one step daughter, both are beautiful persons and a step son who also a loving person.

    I have accepted death and it doesn't scare me, but I don't like the idea of leaving all my kids, grandkids and wife.

    I just hate all the bad stuff going on in the world because of some egotistical tyrants who think they can control everyone else's lives.

    Ken P.

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