HAPPY? Now? Let's try it!

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  • Terry

    Life finds a way!

    A fragile flower grows through concrete.
    The whirlwind scatters seeds and future flowers flourish.

    We are LIFE and life persists - always has no matter the
    flood or impact of an errant asteroid.

    LIFE goes on.
    A punishing plague seeping under dark curtains of ancient times gives way to science and longer lifespans.
    Those who live in the Best of Times always feel it is the worst of times
    (and always they are wrong.)

    I was born after World War II to people who had survived a Great Depression and Hitler, Mussolini, and Pearl Harbor.

    I grew up under the impending Iron Curtain doom of Cold War nuclear bombast. I went to school during the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK's assassination and joined a Doomsday Cult, went to prison and had my mind and body assaulted.
    What's to be happy about?


    I have 7 wonderful kids and four grand-kids and monumentally outstanding friends.

    I've basked in summer sunlight of white sand beaches in Carmel by-the-sea,
    walked in Monet's garden in Giverny, and strolled under aqueducts built by an empire that flourished almost two thousand years.

    Damned right we have it in us!

    We are a species outrageously effective at surmounting
    impossible obstacles and placing humans on our moon, robots on Mars, and penetrating the shroud of outer -outer space to photograph the Universe.

    Our choice.

    Reach. It's what we do - we reach for our tomorrows with unflagging optimism.
    Join me and do that now.

    We walk not in the valley of the shadow of death without
    prayers, hopes, or sensibility of survival.
    Crest each hill as it comes ... tomorrow awaits those who climb.






    All those scary words when they don't make you laugh
    Tous ces mots qui font peur quand ils ne font pas rire

    Who are in too many movies, songs and books
    Qui sont dans trop de films, de chansons et de livres

    I would like to tell you
    Je voudrais vous les dire

    And I would like to live them
    Et je voudrais les vivre


  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I preferred the version she did with her partner, Laurel.

  • SnatchMeFromTheFirePleaseJah

    yes happiness is a choice very much so.

    But my happiness surrounds pleasing Jehovah and I have totally sucked at it.

    I have mental illness or is that the nasty demon who tricked me into saying yes and he entered me.

    is see more than enough of the scary stuff all my life. the stuff people say are myths, ghosts, demons, creatures, entities. I've realised how to keep them away mostly. I don't have anything spiritual in my house. no old jewellery, no occult paraphernalia, no ghost stories, no tarot, no scary movies, no violent movies.

    That's my weak spot. being harassed whilst sleeping, seeing shit unexpectedly. its real. you are sleepwalking and fooling yourself if you think this is the only life. there is a real life to come.

    I await that time when we will all receive relief when the son of man comes on the clouds with great power and glory and the whole earth will beat there chest in grief.

    He will gather us from the heavens frm one extremity to the other whilst the four angels hold back the four winds.

    take heed what Solomon said it all chasing after the wind.

    Awake oh rise sleeper.

    may Jehovah remove your viel and unstop your ears and give you a heart of understanding because he makes room for it.


  • Terry

    Our emotions are triggered by the Values we hold.
    Consequently, we can't rely on emotional 'reasons' due to their subjective nature.
    Our "heart" is our feelings and not a source of data.
    Man survives (or perishes) by intellect guided by logical reasoning as informed by the things he perceives.
    In repressive societies, cults, strict fundamentalist homes - a child growing up with limited access to ALL information, is indoctrinated to FEEL strong attachment to
    propaganda at worst and the very least, biased information.

    A mind swimming in poetry and metaphors, ancient analogies, is weak sauce for a healthy intellect to feast upon.

    Testing our beliefs isn't easy when we hold them sacrosanct.
    Closing and sealing off our mind is the suffocation strategy of cults.

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