Elders decide who is anointed?

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  • Maverick

    On Blondies post about WatchTower Comments you will not hear 03/30/03, a point was brought up about the Elder that counts who partake not counting certain ones. If I understand that right, those with the 'eartly' hope decide who has the 'heavenly' hope. The Society's reasoning is that these partaker might be confused. I wonder if it is the fact that the number of partakers is not dropping. This all smackes of a lack of integrity of the Societys part. They should count all partakers and let God sort it out. How can any man tell if a person is 'anointed'? Is the whole Memorial performance rigged, everyone is told in advance what to do and who to count and what kind of props to use? Where are Lucas and Spielberg? Maverick

  • pr_capone

    If you were to ask about it you would get the usual JW double talk. They have excuses for everything that they do.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • avishai

    Yup. It apparently (Non-anointed elders telling him that he was'nt annointed) was what drove Robert Bryant over the edge. They df'd hom for believing that he was anointed, & disagreeing w/ them when they told him he was'nt. What a bunch of swell fellas!

  • Gopher

    In its writings on this in past years, the WT Society has suggested reasons why someone will partake when they (in the Society's view) should not.

    These reasons include recent conversions -- where the individual retains hopes of living in heaven that he/she formerly had in their old religion, or the person has had some sort of emotional (perhaps near-death) experience which causes them to think they are specially selected, or, they are (not in their exact words) mentally "unbalanced".

    So it would probably be surprising to know how many ACTUALLY partake, as opposed to the number actually recorded. In many congregations, the attendants are likely instructed to only count those previously known to the congregation as being of the anointed class.

    You gotta love the Society for keeping that class distinction going! Without that wacky little division, they wouldn't be the Society we know and love!

    It is obviously embarassing to them that their sign of the end times -- the number of anointed on the decline -- hasn't been happening in recent years. So they've gotta get out the whip and threaten the "fake partakers", such as in the upcoming WT study article.

    Yes they are going to bully their members and "lord it over them", being "masters over their faith" -- the wonderful loving organization that they are.

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