The UN and the HARLOT circa 1975

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    refiners fire

    Not only did the 1914 Generation line of reasoning fail to produce the longed for Utopia, it also failed to produce the long talked about Destruction of Christendom. Perhaps an aspect of Watchtower belief that doesn’t receive as much detailed coverage as it used to. But they did say it, They said When it would occur, Who would do it, Why it would be done, and How it would occur .

    All Quotes are from a single book. MANS SAVATION OUT OF WORLD DISTRESS AT HAND. (1975)

    WHEN will it occur? Page 232:

    QUOTE: “ Understandably when Christendom…. is reduced to the desolated estate once predicted for the land of Edom, it will cause great wonderment. How could such an almost unbelievable thing occur? Especially within this generation that experienced the end of the Gentile Times more than sixty years ago-in 1914 C.E…”

    Page 236: WHO destroys Christendom?

    QUOTE: “The symbolic wild beast with seven heads and ten horns pictures "an eighth king," that is to say, an eighth world power. This world power came into existence after the end of the Gentile Times in 1914 C.E. and after World War I. Modern history identifies this Eighth World Power as being the international organization for world peace and security. This was formed in 1919 and went into operation early in 1920. The Seventh World Power, namely, the Anglo-American World Power, was largely responsible for the formation of that organization for world peace and security. (Revelation 13:11-15) It began under the name "The League of Nations." It sprang from the preceding seven world powers in that it combined in itself the Seventh World Power and all the relics of the preceding six world powers….. In 1939 C.E. the League of Nations went into the abyss of deathlike impotency because of the outbreak of World War II. After the close of World War II in the summer of 1945, this Eighth World Power that was assigned to safeguarding world peace and security ascended out of the wartime abyss, especially by the aid of the Seventh World Power, the dual world power of Britain and America. It took on a new name, United Nations.

    Page 239. WHY will the UN destroy Christendom?

    QUOTE: “ The symbolic "ten horns' (the member nations of the world organization for peace and security) will lose their passionate attraction to the harlotrous world empire of false religion and will gore her to death. In fact, the whole symbolic wild beast (now the United Nations) will cease to find satisfaction in their lustful relationship with the "great harlot," Babylon the Great, and the mouths of the "seven heads" of the scarlet-colored "wild beast" will "eat up her fleshy parts." To the whole "wild beast" organization, "ten horns" and all, she will become as a worn-out old harlot, no longer desirable for greedy, selfish use. Realistically, under stress of the global crisis, the political rulers, whose nations are members in the United Nations, will become hardheaded in the light of the worsening world conditions. Ignoring all sentimentality, they will be forced to take drastic, heartless action for the preservation of their political institutions and social, economic structure. They will see that the world empire of false religion is an international nuisance and a hindrance to their emergency operations because of the Babylonish religious beliefs, practices and customs.

    The many gods and goddesses that Babylon the Great has worshiped will not come to the aid of the world empire of false religion, to save her from action by her former lustful paramours. Her former lovers, the political and military elements, will realize that those deities of Babylon the Great are helpless and have been of no saving powers to them when prayed to by the priests, chaplains, clergymen and religious potentates of the world empire of false religion. Those political and military elements will feel deceived, tricked, fooled and will lose respect for worldly religion. They will not have to turn Communist in order to "hate the harlot," but will simply turn radical and thus be able to cooperate with "godless Communism" in doing away with the hypocritical religious organization. They will give her the treatment that was meted out to some harlots in ancient times, "completely burn her with fire."-Genesis 38:24….”

    Page 245: HOW will these things occur?

    QUOTE: “ This signifies that what marriages of Religion and State, Church and State, have existed till then, will be dissolved. What national or State churches still exist will be disestablished. Tax exemption for religious organizations will be discontinued. Even Bible publishing and distributing societies of Christendom will be suppressed. Missionary work by the churches of Christendom will come to a halt. Army and congressional chaplains will be discharged. The celebration of Easter and Christmas and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and Passover will be discontinued. The tremendous material wealth of the religious institutions, what may be left of it after the looters take what they want by force, will be expropriated by the political governments in their dire financial straits. For anyone, man or woman, to wear a distinctive religious garb identifying such a one as a member of a religious organization of Christendom, will expose one to assault or arrest as being hostile or a menace to the State. Amazing as it may yet seem to many, Christendom will be gone-forever!

    The Lurid Specifics of What will occur continue on Page 247:

    QUOTE: “what will worldly-minded men do? Being faced with the deteriorating earth-wide conditions, they will lose faith in and turn away from religious things and will discard them as worthless, valueless. They will consider as being of no account the professional religionists, who are nothing more than men dependent upon the air they breathe in through their nostrils. Being now disillusioned about such ones, men will turn exclusively to materialistic things. Abandoning religion of all worldly kinds, they will seek refuge, protection and preservation in nonspiritual, earthly organizations that they hope will shield them like mountains and crags. They will trust no longer in religious men whom they once regarded as gods, as having connections with the superhuman spirit realm. One of the mountainlike organizations in which they will take refuge is the United Nations,

    On page 260 the Organizations day dreams turn to speculations on their own condition of danger in that Fantasy time:

    QUOTE: “It should not be surprising if the ninety-seven branches of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania should be shut down and even the properties thereof be expropriated by the antireligious governments. What will happen to the thousands of Kingdom Halls that Jehovah's Christian witnesses have built around the globe in which to meet for spiritual edification, the future will disclose. State or national governments that issued charters and registrations to the various corporations that Jehovah's witnesses use as agencies for carrying on the printing and distributing of Bibles and Bible literature could hardly be expected to recognize or authorize such corporations then. The antagonistic political governments cannot, of course, dissolve Jehovah's Christian witnesses world wide, for these are not incorporated under the man-made laws of "Caesar" in any land…

    But how is it that the Writers of the book KNOW these things will occur in the manner predicted ?

    QUOTE: “Jehovah God, who inspired the prophecies of Isaiah and of Obadiah against Edom, has inspired the prophecy that tells us how. That prophecy is specifically recorded for us in the last book of the Holy Bible, Revelation, chapter seventeen….
  • unclebruce

    The UN and the HARLOT - Who came first President Wilson, Judge Rutherford or Fred Franz?

    Excuse me turning the clock back a few years before 1975 RF, but In light of the fact that Rutherford clearly had a falling out with the League of Nations and so much Watchtower prophesy subsequently became entwined with the UN being the modern day fullfillment of ancient John's Greek beast rising up from the abyss ... etc.. . I was interested in a recent television program about Woodrow Wilson's Presidency. I'd long known that Mr.Wilsons wife was a bible student (or at least strong admirer of C.T.Russell) but was unaware she'd acted as defacto President for long periods during his time in office.

    It'd be interesting if any yanks can fill in some of the blanks on this.


    ps:Old Joe Rutherford was very even handed (he hated everybody - clergy, unionists, businessmen, politicians, sportsmen, coal-porters, children, old people, musicians, christmas celebraters, birthday cake manufacturers - who says jail makes ya bitter?)

  • TheOldHippie

    All of this made perfectly sense in the 1970s and 1980s, when various shades of socialism were going uphill, and you had the constant King of the North vs. King of the South fight between the Soviet Union and the US, Breschnew & co. vs. Nixon/Reagan. There were series of articles in the WT about Daniel's prophecies and their modern-day fullfillment in these two nations or camps and these politicians; the different presidents were not named, but it was written for example that "as the foremost leader of the camp of nations now forming the King of the North said" and then easily identifiable words by either Gorbachow or Reagan were quoted etc. - and it all did fit so beautifully, it all made so perfectly sense.

    Then along came Gorbachow, perestroika, glasnost, and the Wall came tumblin' down - and nothing was as it used to be, nothing did fit anymore, no King of the North came like a wave to capture the oil or gold or silver or mineral or masses of mankind - there was just limbo.

    And here we are, left to ourselves, as we have in fact always been - but for some years, we forgot, and were lulled into a dream where a Watchman took care of us, before he left and said he wasn't inspired after all but had just done as good as he could and of course it was all our fault because we shouldn't have made up those dreams or thoughts or calculations. That it was he who had presented them to us - we must not say, because then he'll not only leave us to ourselves, but he will throw us out and never speak to us again; no, keep quiet about that.


  • unclebruce

    hey limbo -

    the old "Your Will Be Done" book still makes perfect sense .. in a spooky kinda way - didn't the author predict that the future wars will be all about oil? (inside information or a clever hunch?)

    ______ of the south, unc

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