Top three reason for it to be cult and/or not the true religion.

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  • FayeDunaway

    1. If you get baptized as a kid (to please your parents) and later in life decide this religion isn't for you, you lose your parents. And everyone else in your life who is of that religion, who are the only people you've ever been allowed to be close to.

    2. You need to follow a very structured life, in both minutiae and long term goals, to be considered 'acceptable association.'

    3. You must constantly look at 'the world' with a dark eye, thinking of its imminent destruction. Everyone who is not of your religion is beneath you and soon to be destroyed. If you don't live the very structured life mentioned above, you too will be destroyed.

  • smiddy

    1 .What other religion is ashamed /embarrassed by there past that they change it?

    2. Continually finding new light, the earth should be as bright as the sun by now.

    3.That they justify there lying with the excuse it`s theocratic warfare .

    4.And all that everybody else says here,

    Oops ,Sorry that was 4 things.


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