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    Myself and a few others from this board are formulating a Campaign with the intention of bringing about the demise of the Watchtower

    Bible And Tract Society. Mission Impossible? Not if we all pull our collective resources together!

    I'm sure there is an abundance of great ideas out there, and we want to hear them!

    PLEASE post whatever you think may help us with our Campaign, no matter how irrelevant it may seem at the time.

    What bad experiences have you had within/without the WBTS? Were you unfaily treated? Are you shunned?

    Do you have a relative who is in the Org and it is affecting your relationship? Do they ignore you? Have they changed?

    Do you have knowledge of any illegal activity carried on by the WBTS? E.g. the questionable charity status?

    What about the blood issue? Has it endangered your life?

    Doctrinal changes. How have they affected you?

    Do you have any specialist knowledge that you can share?

    Is the New World Translation a load of B*#^*%$ ? Please tell us why.

    Child abuse and molestation. We know it is going on, but does anybody have any infallible documentation?

    Is the Watchtower Society a Cult? Does it control minds? Does it brain-wash?

    ANYTHING that YOU think may be important IS important!!!

    We have decided that we are not going to let The Watchtower Society get away with it any longer. It has ruined many, many peoples' lives

    and it has to be stopped!

    Mission Impossible? NO!

    But it will be if we keep thinking that way. Let's STOP thinking that way (the way that the WBTS has PROGRAMMED us to think) and start

    thinking POSITIVELY... IT CAN BE DONE!

    Together, we can amass enough evidence, information and testimonials to see the demise of this abhorrent Society! Since the Campaign's

    formation, we have made many contacts within the media, and others, and it is looking very promising!

    So, it is NOT impossible!

    Please post whatever you think may help us.



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