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  • donkey

    Surface tension too great I can’t take any more So I shed my tears And they run down my cheeks

    What do you see? When you look at me…do you only see the tears?
    Do you you keep your distance and analyze from afar? Or do you look inside each tear and see why it is that I cry?

    A tear is just a sign, a sign of an inner pain Brought to bear, brought to the surface Because it can no longer be contained Instead it is a portal to the soul

    Have you taken my eyes? Have you walked in my shoes? If you have then how come I feel like I do? I don’t want you to mend the hurt….just please understand

    Understand that everyone is unique, everyone is the same We all want to feel needed, we all want to feel we belong Each of us has been hurt in our own way Some less, but some more than others and some fell they can’t go on

    Look inside their tears, not at their tears Take their eyes, look through them Feel each beating heart, inside each one of is a child Each one of was once a child, innocent, hopeful, with dreams

    Each child sought to be loved and to give love in return To find a place where we belonged, cared for, nurtured and happy Alas too many children have never realized such aspirations Instead they are now grown, have shattered lives and wander long side us

    So the question for each of us: Have you looked inside their tears? Have you taken their eyes? Looked at the fragments of life that remain

    Sought to help them glue each piece back totgether again? Perhaps then each of us can in turn Pick up the pieces of our own lives And dry the tears from our own eyes too

  • Solace


    Very sweet.

  • xenawarrior

    Very nice Donkey!!!

    You have great writing skills !! Keep it coming !!!!


  • mattnoel

    Donkey, have you ever tried to get some of your stuff published ? your really good !

  • donkey


    Donkey, have you ever tried to get some of your stuff published ? your really good !

    Thanks for the compliment. The snawser is that I have never even remotely cconsidered doing that - I am just not good enough. Jack

  • jgnat

    Awwww. Don't sell yourself short. I bet you could publish here: http://www.poetry.com

  • SheilaM

    Donkey very nice I really like it and don't sell yourself short I think you have much talent

  • outnfree


    Your poetry spoke to my heart.

    Thank you.


  • MrMoe


  • beckyboop


    Thank you for such a heart-moving poem! I plan to print that and keep it to share with friends--you really have a talent for putting your thoughts into words. Please continue to share if possible, because I can only imagine how much more you could say.


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