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  • writerpen

    Just a thought that I would like to get other opinions about. I've always wondered this: one man and one woman (Adam and Eve) living in perfect conditions with only one temptation - to refrain from eating from a stupid tree. They failed that simple test. No it wasn't that they committed adultery or murder since they were the only humans on earth, and thus those temptations did not exist.

    If those two "perfect" people could not pass the tree test, how in the world do Witnesses believe that a world full of people will remain "perfect" forever after the 1000 year reign. My bet is that after the 1000 reign (I give it two days before a Prince knocks up another Prince's Princess) some man or woman is going to commit adultery. For God's sake, Adam and Even couldn't pass the tree test, so how can a world of millions of people remain "perfect" forever?

  • nowisee

    hindsight is 20/20. hopefully the human race will have learned that they cannot live without following the wisdom of the Creator.

  • Xander

    Yes, of course, and we have time and time again demonstrated our ability to learn from our mistakes.

  • Robdar


    Nice post, good questions. But do you really still believe that whole Adam and Eve nonsense?



  • obiwan


  • Vivamus

    Adam and Eve failed because Satan tempted them. After the 1000 years, Satan will be released one more time, to test humanity. Those who will fail, will be killed instantly. After that, Satan will be destroyed and temptation will no longer excist, cuz Satan does not exists anymore.

  • greven

    One of the silliest stories around. Too silly to take for real infact.

    We have this God person that makes two people, puts them in a garden and then he places a magical tree in the CENTER of the garden. Then He says:

    "Hey blokes, you can do anything you like but do not touch this magical tree that will give you knowledge of good and evil."

    Surprise surprise they eat the fruit and God jumps from behind a bush shouting "Gotcha" and kicks them out, causing mankind to suffer from pain and misery for more than 6000 years.

    Some questions:

    Why did God test them at all? As their creator he should know they wouldn't pass the test being curious little buggers.

    How can there be knowledge of good and evil at a time that evil did not exist yet?

    The snake was punished. why? If it was a handpuppet of the devil it was innocent.

    The snake would eat dust as a punishment. does it eat dust?

    The garden was guarded by a cherub with a spinning, fiery sword. Does this make God the inventor of the first weapon?


  • Realist

    indeed questions over questions....

    has anyone tried to analyze grim's fairy tales with similar scrutiny? i guess after studying little red ridinghood for hundreds of years one could come up with amazing explanations as to how the grandmother could be rescued alive or how the little girl could mistake the wolf for her granny.

    ....or one could just conclude its a fairy tale and not meant to be taken literally.

    the myth of where sin and evil came from are kind of similar in many cultures. compare the bible story with that of pandora's box:

    Pandora's Box

    At first the life of man on earth was happier than it is now, and then miseries and discontents gradually crept in. Prometheus and Epimetheus created men only, not women.

    When Zeus was angry with mankind, he devised the worst punishment he could think of, and invented Woman. Hephaestus, the smith of the gods, was instructed to form her from the earth and make her irresistibly beautiful. Each of the gods gave her his own special gift of skill, and from this she was called Pandora, "all gifted".

    When she was perfected with every gift and arrayed in all her loveliness, this treacherous treasure was taken down to earth by Hermes, the messenger god who wears winged helmet and sandals to speed his flight, and given to Prometheus' foolish brother Epimetheus. Now Prometheus had warned his brother not to accept anything from Zeus, even if it looked like a gift sent in friendship; but Epimetheus as usual acted first and thought afterwards. He accepted the maiden from Hermes and led her into his house, and with her a great jar - some say a box or chest - which the gods had sent with her, telling her to keep it safely but never think of opening it.

    This was too much for a lively girl like Pandora, who among her gifts was endowed with the first feminine curiosity. After restraining it for a little while, she at last gave in and lifted the lid from the jar, and from that moment began the sorrows of mankind. For each of the gods had stored in it the worst thing he was able to give, and wonderful as had been the gifts with which they endowed her, just as dreadful were the evils that rushed eagerly from the jar in a black stinking cloud like pestilent insects - sickness and suffering, hatred and jealousy and greed, and all the other cruel things that freeze the heart and bring on old age.

    Pandora tried to clap the lid on the jar again, but it was too late. The happy childhood of mankind had gone forever, and with it the Golden Age when life was easy. From then on man had to wrest a hard living by his own labour from the unfriendly ground.

    Only one good thing came to man in the jar and remains to comfort him in his distress, and that is the spirit of Hope.

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