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  • shera

    Hi,everyone.I'm just here writing this because I need to vent a bit about this,as well I'm a little worried too.

    All my life I have had problems with my kidneys.Last week I had an ultrasound and it has shown my right kidneys is failing or not functioning fully.Good news is my left one is ok so far...good thing all we need is one. I have been getting a lot of pains and some days it is steady,but i'm able to live with it.Sometimes people just get used to being in pain and we don't notice it.

    Another my liver.One of my veins,is swollen.Does anyone know what causes that??My doctor couldn't or wouldn't tell me what that is.I have to get an other aultra sound in july to see if it is gone or worse. Well ,she is sending me to a specialist to do further tests. Well I'll see what is up.

    Thanks for listening to me whine

  • shera

    ..nobody wubs me...


  • BadJerry

    Yes We do !! (((((((((((((((((((( SHERA ))))))))))))))))))))

    people are just still sleeping.

    i can't offer any advice because it's an area I know little about. but check out or type into what you need.

    hope this helps.

    from Imanaliento (jackie) logging on to hubby's ID because I can't get on.

  • berylblue

    What an experience that must have been, but you seem to be taking it SO well. Accolades to you for your positive attitude.

    I don't know anything about the liver at all...sorry I can't help there.

    Do take care of yourself and if you ever need to talk, email me at


  • shamus

    Hi Shera,
    Sorry - don't have any great insights. The kidney, however, is an incredible organ that can malfunction for various reasons. If you saw every one, you would probably freak out. Honestly - you are going to be ok. The WORST CASE SCENARIO is you would need dialysis later on in life, with the possibility of recieving a kidney transplant.

    Hang in there, and don't worry too much.


    (Oh yeah! Nice to meet you, Shera!)

  • shera

    Thankyou Shamus, and nice to meet you as well.

    (I thought this thread was dead and gone)

  • Francois

    It's really amazing how we take our organs for granted until they start acting up. For the last couple of days, I've had a pretty serious bout of urinary tract infection. It came out of nowhere sudden-like and it's really put me on my fanny. If I weren't wearing the Duragesic patch for chronic pain, I would likely have been in the hospital with this. But given I am on the pain patch, I am not aware of as much pain as I know these kinds of things can generate. Still, I feel like kaka, semi-nauseous, blah, you know?

    Then I look up the side effects of this stuff the doctor gave me for it, Levaquin, and immediately wished I hadn't. This stuff has got some nasty side effects, lots worse than the UTI to start with.

    Jeez, it's "loose a few, loose a few" when it comes to me and health issues, for sure.

    I can't address your serious questions, but I'd be willing to bet if you search around on the net, you'll find answers to your questions. Give it a try.


  • shera

    Ouch Francois,be nice when that is cleared up.Hope your feeling better very soon.

    It's really amazing how we take our organs for granted until they start acting up

    So true.

    I haven't been as worried about it the past few weeks..but I am taking better care of myself,I've been going to the gym again and biking.I'm just going to relax and not stress myself out so much(sometimes I am my worst enemy)Stress is so bad for your health.


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