Murals in Iraq.....proof~?

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  • DJ

    I, like many people here failed to see the connection between the events of 9/11 and Saddam. My first inclination was to think that Bush was targeting Saddam because he couldn't find Osama, or something like that...... Yesterday, I saw a few different reporters on tv who either spoke of or showed a mural in Iraq of the world trade center bombing. I was a lovely portrait of the airplanes crashing into the towers................This spoke volumes to me! This is a connection between Al Queda and Iraq imo. This is what Bush has been saying all along. That mural is a mockery of the people who died that day and it incites terrorism. It is proof enough to me that Saddam and his people were most likely amongst those who danced in the streets that September day when people of all races and religions and countries were blown to smitherines. He is a terrorist who poses a threat to my country's people. "If you support terrorism then you are a terrorist". I agree with that. Doesn't this country have the right to protect it's people or anyone who may just visit here? Just because Saddam lives across the ocean doesn't mean that he should be allowed to get away w/ inciting terrorism. He is nothing more than a common criminal aka a murderer. Why should he be allowed to continue? Doesn't this world punish it's criminals to keep the innocent population safe? Does the fact that the ocean is between us make Saddam not accountable for his actions? It is not more complicated than that. Right is right and wrong is wrong here. The governments have the God given authority to punish the criminals. That's all Saddam and Osama are.....criminals. Personally, I don't understand why the Arab countries with their belief in the Muslim brotherhood don't protect each other. You'd think that they would want the Iraqi's to have freedom from Saddam. You'd think that they would have removed him from power when he killed and raped the Kuwaiti's. Why don't the Arab nations defend their own people? Are they afraid of getting involved with the terrorists? Don't they have authority over criminals even if they are kings or princes or whatever? Why aren't they more concerned for their fellow Muslims? Why wouldn't they lay down their lives for their brothers? Isn't a terroristic leader just another name for a criminal? Then why don't they punish their own criminals? If they did.......we wouldn't have to be falsely accused of being Christians who hate Muslims. They are a wacky people over there, imo.

  • Satanus

    What about israelis dancing in the streets of new york during the attacks, and taking videos of it? Does that mean isreal is guilty too?


  • Trauma_Hound

    So is anyone the paints a Velvet Elvis, guilty of killing Elvis?

  • jelly

    I don’t think the mural is indicative of guilt, it just shows someone was happy it happened and expressed their opinion with paint. However, velvet Elvi (what’s the plural from of Elvis) are a form of murder

  • DJ

    SS, I was not aware of Israeli's being happy about the WTC. Are you sure that you don't mean Palestinians? The only reason that an Israeli would be happy about that imo would be because FINALLY America would be able to relate to their troubles w/ terrorism. Also, the Israeli government did not rejoice but mourn. Saddam's regime was overflowing w/ joy. Big difference in reactions on the 2 governments parts.

    TH, I had no idea that Elvis was killed. Worthless analogy.

    Jelly, Perhaps in America where we have freedom of expression a mural of such nature be permitted even though most would disagree with it BUT In Iraq there is no freedom of expression, worship or speech. Therefore Saddam approved of it. By approving of it, he incites terrorism. For all we know he may have commissioned someone to paint it. It was probably even the same artists who paints Saddams ugly mugged murals everywhere.

    Please don't you guys tell me that Saddam is not a terrorist............

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