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    I understand there's some research that shows cognitive-behavioral therapy can actually change neurochemistry. I'm just wondering what specific conditions have been studied in this way, because this kind of research is certainly encouraging and empowering in a way..

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    Neaurochemistry is not my area of expertise, so I can't comment. I would not be surprised if it were true, however. It is known that Cognitive - Behavioral therapy has a higher cure rate for depression and anxiety than does drugs although it takes longer. It would seem to me that when a person goes from depression to a more peaceful state, that there are corresponding changes in the brain as a result.

    If you are interested in pursueing this line of inquiry, you might want to contact a Clinical Psychologist at a nearby University. If you have difficulty in getting information, I will contact the appropriate individuals at the Wright State Professional School of Psychology. I recently reviewed their curriculum and they have a very solid program. Also, I know a couple people there who would be willing to help finding the relevant research.

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