wedding minister.

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  • avishai

    If anyone in the N CA area needs a wedding minister, I'd like to offer my services to any on this board. I'm totally non-denominational, & only charge a small fee on a sliding scale to cover my costs, I mainly do it because I enjoy it, I mean hey, at least I can use the public speaking ability that I gained as a JW! Go ahead & pm me, if'n anyone is interested.

  • Trauma_Hound

    If in Washington state I can do the same thing, I'm legally ordained, also do wedding videos & DVD's.

  • Elsewhere


    I wonder how many ULC ordained ministers we have around here.

    Anyone wanna get hitched by an ordained atheist?

  • Francois

    Why yes, I think I wouldn't mind being married by an atheist. After all the churches have arrogated to themselves the end all, be all of the marriage estate and have dared to make rules and regulations about it. I think it would serve them right to have the atheist's cock their snook in the direction of the religious arrogants.


  • rebel

    I have often wondered this - how do you go about getting registered to perform marriages? I have heard so many stories - eg. a captain at sea is always able to perform a marriage etc etc. How did you go about it? How comes you can perform marriages (this is directed to avishai and Trauma_Hound - what do you have to do to be able to marry people?


  • avishai

    I'm dually ordained myself, for exactly the reasons francois mentioned. There are so many people who don't want to, or cant get married in a church, or by a JP, so I got ordained to fullfil that niche. Unlike some ULC ministers, I actually got it to do weddings, not just to put Rev. B-4 my name, not that I have a problem w/ that. I ordained my autistic younger bro, he's goin to be marrying me & the fiance'.

    Rebel, or anyone else, you can get ordained LEGALLY @ or for free ordainment. Check your local laws for practicing weddings, in some states you need to register w/ the county, & in those states laws can vary from county to county.

  • Robdar

    Hi Avishai,

    I'm a ULC minister too. To date, I have performed 3 weddings.

    I have a friend who is a bishop. I had thought of going for the title of ULC saint but decided that would be too much. If you are ever in KC, look me up. We can have a church meeting.


  • avishai

    Yeah, RD I've done about 60. I don't even like the title they give ya, which is reverend, as I don't believe I should be revered for any thing, at least not religion related.

  • hippikon

    I do devorces myself - My experience in the borg makes me well qualified to break up any family

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