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  • Jewel

    Hey folks,

    I haven't posted for a LOOOONG time, but had an interesting experience the other day...

    My mom is still an active Witness. I did the slow fade years ago. I haven't been in a Kingdom Hall for probably 13 or 14 years. I had an elder come knocking on the door. He's a nice guy in general-we share relatives so have occasional non-religious contact. However, he was definitely in "elder mode". He wanted to come in, but I didn't offer. He told me that The Society has "suggested" (yeah, right) that they contact "brothers and sisters" who aren't active and "encourage" them to come to the Memorial. Went on a bit about how happy he was sure this would make my mother. Talked about honoring my baptism. Said he'd come back Monday at 2:00 and asked me to read the first couple of chapter in a book (I have no idea which one...) so we could "discuss" it. He said that I shouldn't let any old bad experiences with "imperfect humans" come between me and "your father jehovah".

    Since my mom is elderly and since my extended family is about 1/3 Witness, I've always maintained a polite sort of don't-ask-me-I-won't-tell-you-what-I-REALLY-think sort of relationship. It's always been kind of funny because I can tell that my unclassified status makes them uncomfortable-I mean it almost makes them have to figure the situation out for themselves and they aren't used to having to think...sorry, I'm getting snippy.

    Anyway, I suggested he call before making the trip because I knew there was NO WAY I was going to discuss ANYTHING with this guy. I guess I'm wondering if anybody knows if there is a bigger picture here...

    Do they need more numbers to pad out those Memorial figures??

    Are they trying to tie up loose ends like me???

    It scared my kids because I was polite and took the magazines-"Mom! You're not listening to them are you??" I assured them that the whole thing actually made me feel literally queasy and that there is no danger that I'd consider-in this life or any other-even if I had to burn for eternity in a literal hell-even if I was the last non-JW on earth-going back.

    What do you think? What has anybody heard?


    PS-I posted this in Beliefs and Doctrines...but cross posting here too...

  • RunningMan

    I guess you haven't heard. This spring, they are making a special point of visiting all inactive ones. It's a three month promotion.

    As for the reason why, well, some people have said that it is for the purpose of purging anyone who could be trouble. Others have speculated that they are dredging hard for members because the pickings in the door to door work are getting very slim. Personally, I favor the latter theory.

    Either way, you are part of a mass visitation, enforced by head office.

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