My first real conversation with a person from JW

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  • Johnk24

    It’s interesting how I have actually passed so many people who teach gods bible. From JW.

    today i met Diane and Alesha, in Manchester on my lunch hour, we talked for a good while about a number of topics and I was interested to know more.

    i have no idea if I will ever meet them again, I showed Alesha something I wrote about 9 years ago.

    perhaps I may share it again.

    We be nice to talk to people, and perhaps meet up in Manchester UK for a coffee. As I interested in furthering my knowledge and network.

    warm regards,


  • LauraV

    What is it that showed Alesha, was it something that has to do with JWs?

  • Johnk24

    Hello LauraV,

    its a something I wrote about life.

    I suppose it has to do with god and the world, reality we live in.

    In relation to the JW congregation it has no connection other than the topic being about god.


  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi John,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm not sure if you realize that this is a forum consisting largely of disillusioned JWs and former JWs who have been treated often quite horribly by the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses which claims to be God's only spokesmen on earth today.

    I sense you hoping to make friends with people of faith and learn more about the God of the Bible in the process? Is this the case?

  • Johnk24


    i wasn’t aware of that?

    is there a forum that where I can meet people who are not in this current situation you mention.

    i’m keen to know more?

    Still happy to talk to people on here perhaps I could learn a thing or two or even contribute?

    Thank you for informing me.

    Best regards,


  • dozy

    Hi John - there isn't really any official public forum that JWs use to talk to each other - JWs are generally discouraged by their leadership from forming or joining such groups. That's not to say that there are are a few that exist - for example , but these tend to be heavily "policed" to stop ex JWs getting involved , so you might have trouble signing up.

    You might want to do some general research before getting too involved ( JWs do kind of "love bomb" the ( very ) few people who show an interest - especially people who are lonely and don't have many friends ). Look at for example.

    For your information , JW is basically an American MLM style religious publishing / property development business. It is not dissimilar to the Mormons - a group of generally nice , sincere people who are very busy doing a lot of religious and other organisational activity thinking that this is "God's work" and controlled by a USA based group of men who are regarded as God's sole representatives on earth. Many view it as a cult - it certainly has a lot of the characteristics. Be careful.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi John,

    Hope you do stick around, learn and contribute where you feel led. You may even find a friend or two from the Manchester area.

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