I Spent The Night With Rhondda..

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    Yup! It's absolutely true, good people, I spent last night with Rhondda Valley people.

    I travelled across the bridge into Wales yesterday evening to attend a charity concert. Loads of us from the pub hired a coach to take us near to the Rhondda Valley, which, as all good Welshman will tell you, is the birthplace of Tom Jones.

    The concert was, well, incredible. It was held in a working man's club in Blackwood and featured all the local talent. First off was a chap in his 60's who announced that he was going to sing a few Tom Jones songs. He did 5, and we all clapped as he was pretty good. I celebrated by having another beer. Then another chap came on and announced that he too was going to sing a few...Tom Jones songs. Hmm. better have another beer..

    Then a lady, Dolores, about 80 or so, sang a 15 minute version of "I will survive". I think she actually didn't know how to finish it and it sort of went around in circles for a while, but she came off to rapturous applause after taking 40 minutes to sing 4 songs. More beer.

    A comedian came on who was absolutely hilarious. He told us how patches stopped him smoking (he puts them over his eyes so's he can't find his ciggies) and also told us that he'd been watching the Iraq war on TV whilst under the impression that it was a commercial for Weston super Mare. More beer, hic.

    We had a raffle during the interval, I paid 3 pounds for tickets that would entitle the winner to a 2 pound bottle of wine, and lost. Hmm, let's try a Southern Comfort! Slurp.

    The rest of the evening blurred and went, however, I do recall the 2 Tom Jones fellows coming back on stage to more rapturous applause. I also recall that I demanded they sing their version of Land of my Fathers, they refused, but the audience obliged. More Southern Comfort if you please!

    Yes it was a good night, there's nothing quite like sitting on a homeward-bound loo-less coach for an hour when you're full of beer, is there?


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    How is Rhondda's valley?



    Hey E-man sounds like a good night..The ciggy patch`s,LOL!...OUTLAW

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