Updates on people leaving Wallkill?

by Lynnie 8 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Lynnie

    Does anyone have any updates on how many people have left Wallkill in the last couple of months?

    I keep seeing pics of "going away parties" from my uber heavyweight Bethelite cousins. They are in their late 30's but must have some special thing going on (he's in purchasing I believe) because they get to fly all over the world like Africa most recently. And they are getting ready for their new apartment which is supposed to be ready next month. They have been there for about 8 years now!

  • Londo111

    Tick tock.

    How long until they sell the Farm?

  • wifibandit

    No, but I've just heard of a local guy who has been there over 10 years who is being put out to pasture.

    "Thanks for your 20's, you can go kick $#!+ elsewhere now! - Love Personnel Committee of the GB"

    I wonder what he's going to do now. No employment history, no trade was learned, no apartment rental history...

    Mommy and Daddy are gonna have a mid-30's boomerang child at home soon!

  • stuckinarut2

    All who leave Bethel go from being a "Big fish in small pond", to a "small fish in the ocean of life"!

  • sir82

    Late 30's, huh?

    Tell them to enjoy it while they can....they are approaching the "golden age" of Bethel dismissals....too much of a risk of them developing heart disease / diabetes / cancer / something else expensive to take care of, yet young enough so that it doesn't quite seem heartless to kick them out.

    And plenty of ambitious 20-somethings ready to take their places.

    Within 10 years they will be "lovingly reassigned to the field" (unless they have the goods on one of the elite).

  • Lynnie

    Well these cousins do have a safety net since their dad my first cousin stands to inherit bunches of money from his non JW father. But yeah it will be interesting to see how long Alison and Jonathan last at Bethel. somehow I think they are in the rinner circle somehow and will be for quite sometime. Oh but if there are health issues I guess that won't matter!

  • blondie


    How long until they sell the Farm?

    I have been wondering that myself.

    What do they do at Wallkill now?

    How much of the printing has been shipped to Canada?

    Is any food produced for the Bethel families or is all purchased?

    Once Warwick is complete, will they replace the function of Wallkill?

  • ShirleyW

    Growing up in NYC, when I hear Wallkill I think of the prison, I guess real estate is real cheap in those areas, which is why the Borg probably grabbed it, BTW if you look up how many prisons are in upstate NY the list is quite long, how soon before we read of a break from one of them and keeping a few members from a certain cult hostage.

  • Vidiot

    blondie - "...How much of the printing has been shipped to Canada?..."

    Interesting question, considering how much downsizing of the printing has been (and is still) going on... :smirk:

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