Vet Stadium implosion 15 years later, time flies!

by moomanchu 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • moomanchu

    Strangely satifiying for an ex JW!!!

    Good bye "big bell" as my son crying asked me if that's where we're going. LOL

  • WingCommander

    I grew up going to District Conventions at The Vet, in the middle of summer of course. It was sweltering. I hated every minute. Due to the poor acoustics of the concrete monstrosity, if you sat anywhere besides right up front all you heard was reverberating echo all the way up. Attending DC's there was a complete waste of time. I still have photos from my childhood showing my family there. It was miserable. My JW parents and grandma? Dead. I'm the only one left, and refuse to subject my own son to this level of abuse.

    I never got to see a baseball or football game there. SAD. Been to the new stadiums, Pittsburgh and Baltimore as well. I prefer Pittsburgh out over any of the rest. Camden Yards was nice when it was built.

  • moomanchu

    Yes I wasted many a days sweating in that concrete coliseum.

    On the third day of the convention as we were leaving the house my 3-4 year old son asked where we were going and after trying to explan he finally understood where we were going and cried "not the big bell."

    All my son remembered was the Liberty Bell that was mounted on the top of the stadium from the previous days.

    Rememeber the people laying in the walkways in the corriders with blankets? What lunacy.

    I'm from the Allentown area BTW.

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