A Never-Was JW's Response

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  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I never was a JW.

    My traditional response to JWs calling at the door was to raise 'the issues' - standard stuff. They don't come so often now.

    When the ARC was going out live, I watched most of the broadcasts. I was struck by just how poorly the head honchos performed. Here we had the heads of the Australia branch, including its chief legal adviser, and TBH they were risible.

    Then Jackson was interviewed (and I noted the shenanigans that went on - and the almost unheard-of apology by the WT lawyer).

    His performance was a PR disaster for the organisation.

    In future, my response at the door will be limited to an expression of sincere sympathy (that the caller is in a corrupt cult) and a recommendation that they watch the ARC proceedings on the (recently approved) internet.

  • nonjwspouse

    I was also struck by the weaseling, and ( feigned or real) absolute ignorance of those leaders in the WT on the stand.

    I was surprised at the degree. Though I didn't think I could be, I was. It's worse each time I hear another story, read another report, see another official video. How, just how, can it continue getting worse, and especially how the people not recognize the " slow boil" of degradation from bad to worse. ( I know, the emotions are super stubborn in hanging on, but still.)

  • Phizzy

    They will not call on me, I am a known "Spiritual Danger", but I may run in to JW's in a store or something, I have decided to be forthright and say "You know it's not the truth don't you?"

    I reckon it will get the response "Well I think it is", to which I will reply "Well kindly prove that to me,and I will be back with you".

    I have said that to 4 Elders so far, none has returned to prove "the truth" to me, I wonder why ?

    ( a fifth Elder, from a nearby Congregation, said he would call to build up my faith, not that I had issued the above challenge to him, but he hasn't been back either).

  • sparrowdown

    You are spot on, the ARC was so helpful in highlighting just how deluded and clueless this cult and it's leaders are.

    Their performance was ineffectual at best, total lies at worst, and not a good look for any religion, let alone the so-called "only true religion."

  • millie210

    Internet exposure has not been good for the JWs.

    The monthly Governing Body broadcasts are lame and the leaders come across as phony.

    The ARC hearings were just as bad - perhaps worse since the monthly broadcasts are heavily edited and scripted.

    The days when the leaders expressed themselves in print only were better for them but the world moved on and they are trying - its just not coming across well for them.

  • Vidiot

    JWTV has been the best thing for everyone.


    The GB have found their true calling as televangelists...

    ...and we have ironclad proof that they're no better than televangelists. :smirk:

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