If Freud was on the ministry...

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Householder " Who is Jehover?"

    Freud " He is simply wonderful. But I am simply a man trying to describe my thoughts, feelings and moments"

    Householder " So who is Jehover?"

    Freud " Well he is the superiority of one man over another, not just in the quality of language; but also the quality of the heart, because I know as you read his Watchtower you will become awake, feel Jehover constantly close to you"

    Householder :- "With Jehovers words can this closeness and tenderness ever replace the physical touch of sex?"

    Freud:- " Jehovers words are an intermission before the physical touch, his words are instead a state of becoming, a means to awaken your heart"

    Householder " Well my passion is to find truth, can I find this "truth" with Jehover?"

    Freud:- " Jehovers words are not an hullusiation full of unfulfilled lust like sex. Please look at this article in this Awake magazine, it is about apples. Did you know their are 10,000 different types of apple?

    Householder:- " So, what is your point?"

    Freud:- " Well it was the forbidden fruit that opened Adams eye to the female body and thus the desire to kiss each and every pore of Eves body with delicacy"

    Householder " Well I happen to have an apple pie cooking in the oven!"

    Freud " Oh you have awakened passion inside of me, I see you are a female, beautiful to the physical touch. Can we share some apple pie?"

    Householder " Do you mean you want to lay your head on my breasts, our bodies to become one, our love making a passion like art?"

    Freud :- ( Thinking he is on to something good) " Yes please, sounds good to me"

    Householder :- ( Wiser and more worldly than the great philosophical minds, and less hypocritical than the religious door knocker, understands the wounds of life are not to be judged replies:-) " people fall in love with words, people fall in love with power, people are born in to a religion, but they struggle with living up to them....let's share some apple pie"

    The point of the O.P ?

    Sometimes I honestly believe the only words worth listening to are the words of solitude and silence within our heart. Because these words are the basic condition of who we are, and the glimpse of the world through a strangers eyes be it Watchtowero or Freud, doesn't usually improve our world, our feelings, nor our heart.

  • waton

    was Freud a fraud ? schadenfreude!

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