3 years out and 3 memorial invites in one day!

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  • Darkknight757

    Hello everyone I just wanted to give a quick life update as it is three years since being out of the cult. I’ll never forget missing our first Memorial back in 2017 as it etched in our minds that we were never going back to Watchtower.

    These last years have been amazing especially since Izabella has been home with us. She’s almost 22 months old and she is doing amazing!!

    She’s walking and saying a couple of words. What’s amazing is we will show her a toy or an item and then ask her to get it and she will. So she understands a lot more words than she can say. She’s also in school two days a week with a head start program and that is doing wonders for her development.

    Can’t tell you how lucky we are to have this little one with us.

    Anyways at this point in time my wife is pregnant again with a boy and he’s doing well. She’s 22 weeks along and so far he’s been keeping up. So at 36 weeks my wife will have a c-section if all goes well.

    I also finally made a YouTube video of our exit. It’s quite long but if you’re interested I’ll leave the link.

    If it wasn’t for this community we would not be were we are at now so I humbly thank each one of you for your input and your dedication to truth.

    Oh by the way, 3 memorial invites in one day? Not sure what that was all about and on the day of??? Strange.


  • Darkknight757
  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    All they want to do is get shut of all the invites in their bag,so they can count loads of placements.


  • ToesUp


    Izabella looks great! We are sooo happy for you all! You have been through a lot. Congrats on the baby boy! Keep us posted.

    Your video was wonderful. Even if these video's help just one person to get out of this abusive and corrupt cult, it has done it's job.

    We received 3 invites to the Memorial as well. Not in 1 day. That's incredible. 1 voice message from a family member, 1 email and an invite left at our door by an Elder. It seemed they were being more aggressive this year, with the invites. I think WT is worried about the numbers shrinking. It also confirms that there are tons of people leaving. Yay!

    What's so disturbing, these same people that invite you will shun you at the drop of a hat. It makes no sense.

    We are happy to hear that you and your family are doing well. Success stories are the best!! Hugs to you and your family!!!

  • blondie

    Thanks for sharing. Obviously, the jws are not communicating. I wonder if you were the only special one or if your neighbors got 3 as well.

    Your daughter is lovely and congratulations on the new family member on the way!

  • KimD

    Thank you for sharing your video. Your sweet daughter is so precious. I have to tell you that when you spoke about her birth and that you had to make a decision, I cried and cried....(I'm not a person that cries easily) I'm so happy that you made the right decision....it scares me so much that when I was in....would I have let my children die? Because I worshiped men and not God....I thought that I was worshipping God...but no...I was worshipping a man made religion. Thank you again for this wonderful video. I am so happy that you and your family are now free.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Right on sweet ! Glad to hear everyone's healthy over there !

    Hey how's the machining trade going with you ? We're up and running on our small Mazak cnc lathe and am running it myself with by brother. Our EDM sinkers doing great do.

  • Darkknight757

    Machining is doing great Introvert! We have been stead busy for awhile. I was on lathe but now I’m supervising the grinding area and running the three EDM wire machines. Life at work is good. Company had a record quarter so boss was happy!

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