Lucky Pommies - New exhibition at the British Museum - "I am Ashurbanipal: King of the World

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  • fulltimestudent

    In case your puzzled, Pommie is an old Australian slang word for an English person. Still in (some) use.

    But that aside, the major point is this exciting exhibition at the British Museum.

    Here's their description of it.

    Step into the world of Ashurbanipal – one of history’s greatest forgotten kings – in our major new exhibition.

    Ashurbanipal has been given other names (in case you asked). Wikipedia notes: "n the Hebrew Bible he is called Asenappar (Hebrew: אָסְנַפַּר, Modern: 'Asnapar, Tiberian: 'Āsenapar - Ezra 4:10).[3] Roman historian Justinus identified him as Sardanapalus, although the fictional Sardanapalus is depicted as the last king of Assyria and an ineffectual, effete and debauched character, whereas three further kings succeeded Ashurbanipal, who was in fact an educated, efficient, highly capable and ambitious warrior king.[4]"

    Here's some extant reliefs extolling his power:

    And, (hopefully) if you can attend this exhibition you will see what could be the original flood story, A story adapted by some proto-Jewish scribe to 'prove' that YHWH is the most powerful personage in the entire universe.

  • Biahi

    I want to go to the British Museum. It's on my bucket list. Fall 2019 I'll be going on a Mediterranean cruise.

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