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    I was a thriving regular pioneer, doing all thr things wholeheartedly, had 16 bible studies, 7 attending meetings regularly, 11 magazine routes and 100's of RV's. you can imagine I was always runnin out of literature and always a good list of books to order every month.(not bragging,just stating facts.All this is wasted anyway). I remember my orders were always pending for months on end,never reciving them.The literature servant was an elder and a regular pioneer who was not doing very well ministry wise at all despite the fact that he had so much support financially, and otherwise (it should have been a breeze for him as he had all the comforts and luxuries catered for with no expense spared. that is another subject in itself) Anyways we were spring cleaning the KH and i was in the store room cleaning away. I was moving some cardboard boxes when one s bottom gave away and books fell to the floor. Voila , all the literature that i had pending was in their(over 50 books no joke).It had been there for a while coz the box had water damage on it and that is why it gave way. There was a literature list with the date when it was shipped and that was shipped a year ago and just sitting there in the store room. I was shocked at the lies that I was being fed just coz my report perhaps looked so much better than his that the regular pioneer elder devised this plan to thwart it. Mind you i was not wasting Societys money coz all these books were spoken for. I would put in the money for it whenever I picked up any literature plus the receivers always gave generously towards the books which also went into the contribution box. I was not being wasteful. From then on I would just pick up literature by visiting other congregations and stopped ordering all together. This was the lords work supposedly and here i was being punished for doing it well.

    I dont believe in confrontations,no point in muddying waters some more specially people with authority dont like to be challenged.I just analyse and learn what one is made of and get on with life.

    Should have woken up then.......

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Yes, ZNMD... it takes a while to "get it" because we are so well trained to "wait on Jehovah', right? If that brother is "lying"... that "elder appointed by holy spirit" is "lying", Jehovah will straighten him out. We wouldn't want to "go ahead of the brothers"...

    One time, we had an 'elder' steal $20,000 from us in a shady business deal. Someone in the congregation heard our side, heard the "elders" view and called 'bs', and took it to a committee. My husband was an elder too.

    Boiling it all down. When we went to the 'judicial meeting' and talked for a while, were sent out of the room, called back in, the 3 elders said, "We spoke with Joe Schmuck, and he said he was sorry"..

    Well stupid Joe Schmuck said, "Hey, you didn't talk to me, I didn't say I was sorry" and blew their whole story to hell. I jumped up and said "You lied to us!" then I (can you believe it) showed them WT articles and scriptures on why it's bad/wrong to lie. They just stared at me. Didn't defend themselves, didn't say a word.

    Why didn't I call a committee meeting to expose their lying? Why?

    Brainwashing.... Plus, I had to "obey my husband" and "follow his lead". Otherwise, I would be an 'unsubmissive wife'.

    Why didn't we see it? We were trained over and over about Manassah and killing those babies, sacrificing to Baal, and "would you leave Jehovah for what a man was doing?".... Well, God, he was the king, and you did appoint him... But...... God did take care of it..... eventually."

    What a mind bending brain trip they put all of us on! So glad to be out! ;-)

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    CHACHING Thank you for sharing that. Yes I have had loads of lying, stealing and dishonesty done to me as well. you name it and I have experienced it sadly enough.Should have woken up........Just waited on Jehovah........waiting......waiting......

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