If the UK leaves the EU WITHOUT a deal.....

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    .....it would appear that the Republic of Ireland (not the UK) is responsible under EU law for the setting up of a hard border with its non-EU neighbour, Northern Ireland. Just as Spain had to do with Ceuta in Morocco.


    A 310 mile border would cost a helluva lot to build and to cover with security. No wonder the EU has used the breakdown of the "peace process" as a threat.

    Fun & games!

  • cofty

    It's an empty threat, there will be no hard border.

    The EU would blink first but they will be putting their hopes in the the anti-democratic cowards in Parliament who will plot to block Brexit by any means necessary. It's all going to go down to the wire.

  • Simon

    The obvious answer is for Ireland to leave - that way they can keep an open border with the one country that actually borders them directly with a direct agreement between the two.

    Such a direct agreement should be possible anyway, and if it isn't it tells you everything about why the EU is a terrible idea because THEY control your border policy, not you.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I'm not going to be surprised in the least if the powers-that-be come up with another "extension."

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Wait! You mean the EU REQUIRES you to build a physical barrier bordering a non EU country? Yo! TRUMP! join the EU and build that wall! (For those without humor, that is a joke)

  • zeb


    exactly. Ireland is not a wealthy country such a border (againstwhat..?) would be better spent if there is money there spare at all on all the usual needs of housing medical schools roads you know the boring things that employ people and make for a better life.

    Ireland please avoid the hard border to avoid a return to the horrors that a hard border will re-create.

  • hoser

    The UK is better off on their own IMO.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    In a news item late last night, it reported that legal action is being instigated by dozens of MP's to stop BoJo from shutting down Parliament in order to "force" through the no-deal Brexit.

    So if they're successful, then what can they do? Brexit is demanded by the referendum result, the (3rd) date for leaving has been established, so what can opposers to 'leaving' do now?

    a) Force BoJo out with a vote of 'no confidence' and trigger a General Election, followed by

    b) begging the E.U. for yet another extension (6 months) on the premise & promise that

    c) a 'people's vote' (another referendum to cancel the 1st one) will be conducted.

    The E.U. will jump at the chance!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just to add, people sometimes talk about the reunification of Ireland and Scottish independence as 'breaking up the UK' - not true.

    I don't mind if N. Ireland and Scotland leave the UK - the UK will continue to exist, and the remaining members (England, Wales, Isle of Man, Falklands, etc.) will continue to get the benefits.

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