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  • anglise

    In the last 24 hours I have heard of two instances where the JW parents of disfellowshipped children have been willing and seemingly happy to have association with them ie having them visit and for meals. Both say that there were topics to be avoided during conversation but that it was a major improvement on the way things had been.
    In both of these situations the adult children are married to non believers.

    Is this just a coincidence?
    Has there been 'new light'?
    Have the CO's got a new outline?
    Has anybody got any answers?

  • Prisca

    It's not exactly "New Light". Parents have been "allowed" for a few years now to have limited association with their df'd children ie. those who don't live in the parental home.

    Those that do seem to do it discreetly, perhaps to accommodate for the more conservative JWs who refuse to associate with their df'd children.

    Was there a WT saying it was now OK?

    Or is it a case of the liberal JWs vs conservative JWs?

  • anglise

    Thanks Prisca
    it just seemed bit odd to have 2 together especially as I personally know one the families and the dub parents have always been very much 'society' people and have kept minimal contact with the DF relative until now,
    but thanks again for your reply.

  • HesterPryne

    hi Prisca and Anglise,

    I'm begining to think the rules for shunning depend on your locallity.
    I was da'd in 1981 and enjoyed the company of my parents until 6-2000. At that time there was 'new light' that came out at an assembly. Prior to that witnesses here had associated with da'd ones as usual but didn't talk to them about religios issues. At this time my parents can only talk to me if there is a family emergency. According to their rules. However I am making rules too and I say if I am shunned....so be it....no exceptions.
    I am interested in learning if there has been more 'NEW LIGHT'.
    It hasn't been a year since the last time that damn light went off for the shunning issue.

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