Looking Back, What's The Stupidest Thing You Believed In As A Witness?

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  • blondie

    Actually, minimus, many abused people believe that. That is why they stay. If they are a better Christian, then the other person will change. The WTS trots out the experience of the sister that was beaten by her husband for 20 years, and finally the light dawns, he goes to all the meetings, studies, and becomes a JW.

    The elders thought I must be teenage rebellion. They never listened and would cut me off mid-sentence, telling me that I needed to be a more obedient child then my father would see "the truth."

    Years later, one of these elders actually met my father and spent a social evening with him. My dad was in true abusive form with his second family. This brother saw first hand the treatment we had received. He apologized to me and my siblings from the first family and worked hard to help the second family.

    Elders are not trained to handle such things. Getting together with 600 other elders and seeing some reenactments on the platform for 30 minutes max does not equip anybody to handle abuse.

    Thank goodness I saw it was crap after only 2 attempts at being the "good Christian."


  • minimus

    It's sick because the elder shepherds are supposed to KNOW the flock and treat them tenderly and with consideration. The abused victim doesn't understand why these things are happening in the first place but they are the ones that are admonished and counseled.

  • Dawn

    The stupidest thing I believed was that if I did enough (service, meetings, study, etc) I would be saved. I just about ran myself into the ground trying to get saved so my son wouldn't die at Armageddon - all I ended up doing was getting sick, depressed, and disfellowshipped.

    What never occured to me is........"If I can get there on my own by doing enough good things, what was the purpose of Jesus' sacrifice?". Of course I can't do enough to get saved - noone can. Once I finally realized that and accepted Jesus into my life I started to heal.

    Oh......and..............If I'm raped and don't scream I've committed a sin

  • DanTheMan

    water canopy

  • Soledad

    everything I believed in was pretty stupid, but what took the cake was when an elder said during a book study that if I licked a bleeding wound on my fingers that meant I was eating blood and therefore sinning and I actually believed it (of course I was only 13).

  • SheilaM

    That they had the "Truth" LOL

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I agree Sheila. Looking back I'm embarrassed that I bought their philosphy hook line and sinker. I should have seen through it sooner. That was stupid.

  • minimus

    Sphere, I would have never admitted that one!

  • ikhandi

    lets see I never could totally be that living forever was not just a dream. That I should feel guilty and not as spritual because I missed a meeting or two. Do jws ever get a break from all of that? I was made to believe that non jws were worldly people. What a bunch of crap. Where are my witness friends now? I have none, they all shun me. The only people in my life now who support me, are those so called worldly people that I was warned to stay away from.

  • nowisee

    that jws loved one another. that elders loved/shepherded the flock. it seemed that what they loved was their position and the limited counterfeit bit of glory that that brought to them. otherwise why the dishonesty?

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