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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    What does this mean to jwism - from pictures it seems that to jws this means something like an "invisible man" or a see through body or something, or an "overbearing santaclaus lookalike salesman / judge on a throne in the sky"

    What do jws think that "spirit" even means ?

  • Brummie

    You are right, thats exactly what the believe, God being "Spirit" in their view means he has a locality and therefore can only be viewd as having a body and living in a particular place, the Pliedes error was a product of this way of thinking.


  • Satanus

    Yup, a spirit man in a specific place somewhere in the universe. They used to think that location was the pliedes. New light revealed that he wasn't there after all. Here is some of their luney drivel on this subject:

    *** ts chap. 6 p. 52 The Spirit That Returns to God ***

    Nor did it mean that God would leave his position in the heavens and begin dwelling on earth with the Israelites

    *** w80 1/1 p. 28 Where Are Your Eyes? ***

    Since the Almighty God resides in the highest heavens, it would only be natural for the psalmist to speak of raising the eyes upward when appealing to the Creator for favor.

    *** w52 11/15 p. 678 Marking Those Who Sigh and Cry ***

    Because in the Bible the north is pictured as the place of Jehovah's habitation. Zion, which is spoken of as Jehovah's dwelling place, is said to be situated on "the sides of the north".

    *** w54 8/1 p. 474 The Purpose of Your Witnessing ***

    How much less do you suppose the crowing and croaking of today's boasting, bragging propagandists upset the purposes of the Almighty, who resides far above the confines of this mundane sphere? Remember, in his estimation the nations and all of earth's inhabitants "are as grasshoppers."-Isa. 40:22.

    *** it-1 p. 1060 Heaven ***

    As the Creator of the heavens, Jehovah's position is far above them all, and "his name alone is unreachably high. His dignity is above earth and heaven." (Ps 148:13) Jehovah measures the physical heavens as easily as a man would measure an object by spreading his fingers so that the object lies between the tips of the thumb and the little finger. (Isa 40:12) Solomon's statement does not mean that God has no specific place of residence. Nor does it mean that he is omnipresent in the sense of being literally everywhere and in everything. This can be seen from the fact that Solomon also spoke of Jehovah as hearing "from the heavens, your established place of dwelling," that is, the heavens of the spirit realm.-1Ki 8:30, 39.

    *** w55 5/1 p. 279 Keep Your Place ***

    12 Even the angels in heaven have a certain place made and provided for them by God. They, of course, are not bound by the same laws as such low forms of creation as inanimate things and as plants and animals. However, they are expected to stay in their proper places and disastrous results accompany their leaving such assigned places. The Scriptures tell us of one angel, a cherub, that left his assignment, and of the results

    *** w72 3/1 p. 153 Does a Great Heavenly Organization Exist? ***

    Jehovah 'rides,' not just upon one spirit person or angel, but upon all of them, in the sense that he dominates them and uses them according to his purpose. He is the Most High God, the Supreme Being. Instead of personally and directly going to any place himself, he can send a cherub or seraph (angels of specific rank or duty) or any angel. By having his spirit (his invisible active force) accompany that messenger, operating through that one, Jehovah in effect 'rides' that spirit creature. An example of such use of an angel accompanied by God's holy spirit is found in the experience of the evangelizer Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, at Acts chapter eight, verses 26 and 29.

    *** it-2 pp. 13-14 Jehovah ***

    Man cannot successfully measure even the vast physical universe; yet the physical heavens do not embrace or enclose the place of God's residence, and much less does some earthly house or temple. (1Ki 8:27; Ps 148:13)

  • JamesThomas

    The JW's view of "spiritual' in regards to God, is totally anthropomorphic: an exact copy of a ruthless human king only a little bigger and invisible. If fact they always refer to God as a person. Like Zeus only with a little different story line. In their minds God is restricted to space and time, just as we are. Thus there is no understanding of Jesus' statement "The Kingdom of God is within"; so they changed Luke 17:21 to fit their tiny and limited understanding. The Pharisees had no spiritual vision or understanding either, thus they ask Jesus when this "Kingdom" of which he spoke would arrive (in what location in time and space). When he answered, " it is not lo here, or lo there (in space and time)...but within you", they thought he was insane. There is no motivation or reason for a Witness to meditate or look within themselves for Truth. God to them is simply a scrap in the universe, and their "truth" is read from books. The Borg "truth" is totally carnal, and as far as I can see, void of any deeper and meaningful spirituality. jamesT

  • DJ

    Hmmmm..........I guess that when I was a jw, I would have taken that to mean that God is "breath" since that is what they believe spirit is.........

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Cool Thread!

    Here is another interesting Scripture:

    2nd Corinthians 3:17: Now Jehovah is the Spirit; and where the spirit of Jehovah is, there is freedom.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    "real circumcision is a matter of the heart, spiritual and not literal" "We know that the law is spiritual"

    Spirituality that is carnally accepted becomes a burden. To hear and apply the scriptures literally is just like the Pharisees who would not eat certain things etc. because they heard the Law in that way (eg don't eat pork) - their god was their belly. These carnal applications of scripture are "burdens", like were placed on people and the Pharisees 'didn't lift a finger to help'.

    Other such "burdens" are the chastity, blood & idol-food burdens that were necessary not to offend others who simply did not understand Christianity - but, these too were only burdens, asked of those who received the instruction.

    The whole biblical scriptures may be understood spiritually and not literally - even the letters - the instructions Paul gave were also burdens, but the spiritual hearing of his letters speak of things that he was not even considering in his writing - though sometimes he did realise it. - "Lo! I tell you a mystery"

    "The unspiritual man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of God"

    Such is jwism.


  • Satanus

    the spiritual hearing of his letters speak of things that he was not even considering in his writing - though sometimes he did realise it

    This is remotely possible. Though i se very little and i don't like the man, paul. If you get a spiritual message from the bible, may not books like the tao te ching, the vedas, and the popal vu, for examples, present the spirit w less overburden?


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I don't have to like Paul to hear an inspired text - but nevertheless, I wouldn't call of myself a better man - I'll try not to get into tongues here.

    may not books like the tao te ching, the vedas, and the popal vu, for examples, present the spirit w less overburden?

    I suppose so - stories are often spiritual - I haven't read those - but I have heard of Spirit in that bible.

    It's an absolute blast how it's a double edge sword - a wonder - literally a miracle - but a sign that isn't seen - in the plain light of day.

    Tobias was tired of digging too.

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