"The World is better than many of you think", Hans Rosling

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  • TheWonderofYou

    Myth overpopulation? Should we be worried or scared? How to make sense of it all?

    In this talk Prof Hans Rosling presents awesome statistical data that show how much we know about the future of the world population, and how number of children per family, sanitation and medical advancement, as well as birthcontrol, industrial advancement along with energy demand will change the the face of our world.

    The basics behind the estimation of the future earth population 11 billions at the end of this century and of 4 billions in Africa at 2100.

    At the end he calls himself a "possiblist" and says "The world is better than many of you think", Hans Rosling

    This is a much more better news than what Watchtower said that God would soon have to interfere and save the earth from the contaminators.

    Here the youtube video english/german


    German:_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRBBH72j8ao

  • blownaway

    I have to call BS on this. The earth can only sustain some 8 to 9 billion people and I am not sure I buy that many. Venezuela is running out of fresh water, so is South Africa. Oil the energy that lets us all live like kings is a finite resource. There are huge plastic gyres in the middle of the oceans. At the bottom of the Marianas trench Explorers have found plastic bags and trash. We live on a razors edge. It will all come crashing down. If not by some mad man with a bomb than by some form of Spanish influenza like in 1918 where it killed 25 million people. Now with travel expedited like it is, it will move even faster. Or an extinction event. like the Caldera under Yellowstone or some meteor. Lots of ways to end life as we know it.Anyone who says they can end poverty in 20 years is a fool and only a fool would believe it. If you buy this crap you will believe that Jesus came invisibly in 1914


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